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  1. How much you paying for the whole set except the ones you excluded? You can either send me a Message here in forums or PM me on Professor Mingming Kun / Chocolate Mousse.. tqtq
  2. Despite trying to kill some stalkers to somehow restore balance to the spawns of other mobs in lhz_dun04, I noticed an anomaly. The number of mobs on the map still has a very low population. Yes, I have dedicated a few minutes just to holy cross those stalkers hoping to see different lhz mobs. But after using @jump for countless times I have been warped to darker side of the map, you wont see yourself where it is in the map but assuming you are not able to see where, you are probably in the outermost part of the map. Point is, you kill some of the mobs and there's a small chance that they respawn in this area. I've traveled a long journey to kill as much as I can ( You can probably go around the whole map, but I only probably did 30% ) According to Perry, there's 100 mobs all in all. I mean It's obvious that there's gonna be more stalkers in the area but some of the other mobs that are easier to kill are in the dark side hiding. After wiping the mobs in the dark side, I noticed a dramatic change in the presence of mobs in lhz_dun04. Because yea, before, you didn't know where they are, because they were hiding. But after wiping them, they have been sent back to the middle part ( the actual, visible map ). Suggestion: Disable spawning of mobs around this area of the map so instead they will be scattered all over the map instead. Or anything. For Reference Please warp to @warp lhz_dun04 298 218 or @warp lhz_dun 145 298 Update: I actually just noticed that some of the screenshots are duplicates. But yea, I wasnt able to screenshot some because I was sooooo determined to wipe them all LMAO
  3. So the respawn system is different here huh. No wonder i see a LOT of Stalkers. Like a ridiculous amount, compare to the other mobs LOL
  4. The reason why I chose Paladin for this method of farming because it's easier. Skills Needed: Sacrifice! Endure! It doesnt make much of a difference if you use the shield buffs because everybody there dies in one click or in a blink of an eye anyway. Stuffs Needed: Pretty much just some 2 Tao gunkas on any armor and a Pike with 2 turtle gens and 2 hydra. Optional: Strong Shield w/ 2 Thara Frog Cards (for the knockbacks like AoE magic) or just use valk shields if you're too lazy. Stats: 500 Vit, enough agi for 193 attack speed, remaining stats throw it anywhere but preferably STR. Facts: * 100% no button mashing * Kill 2-4 Mobs before having the need to replenish HP/SP. * Spend less YGG berries * No need to worry about changing elements/verts. * No worries about reflect Goal: Just aim to have 4 to 4.9m Max HP. There are other a lot cards that helps you boost Max HP. Although I did test, the difference of pursuing this goal does make a a bit of a difference in terms of sacrifice damage ( but not that much ) You can pretty much farm the same without making too much effort with the cards. Just use Sacrifice on everyone and ignore the stalkers because you will miss. So thats pretty much it! #PallyPride
  5. While it's true that implementing a stricter approach in policing might be an interesting discussion, However I believe that as simple as it sounds, this matter is a bit complicated than it looks ( to me atleast ). No matter how we look at it, a non-IP ban is already a form of punishment. There are cases when non-IP bans are enough to prove a point and then there are obviously times that an IP-ban must be served. I don't know how the punishment system works here but I believe they are based on severity of crimes. Let's say for example we're gonna compare person A, B and C. Person A is a trashtalker, Person B is a 3pp / Macro user and then there's Person C a guy who does RMTs or ( Real Money Transactions ). If all these people commit their respective crimes once, twice or even three times and got caught, would they get the same type of punishment? I believe not. Trashtalkers would probably get 3 to 5 mutes before getting a 1, 2 or 3-day ban and perhaps after that, after 1-2 more offense would warrant an IP-ban. 3pp / Macro users would probably get warned first? then perhaps the second offense would result to a ban / ip-ban or maybe perma ban. Now, Person C, the RMT guy, I believe all it takes is one offense then this guy will be sent to the shadow realm for a perma ban ( I'm just assuming everything). Person C seems to be a more serious offender than the rest since he gained real money and in some way stole possible income from the server. So it all falls backs to severity and intent / purpose of the crimes. The part where you said where a banned person can just bypass the punishment by making or using an alternate char/account and borrowing gears from friends, but this does not leave them unscathed. They lose progression via bg rankings ( it means a lot if you're currently number #1 or #2 then you got banned for 5-14 days) ,quests / achievements and stats from achievements. This simply means a banned person will never be as strong as his main char if he used an alternate account, no matter how small the difference is. I threw in my thoughts because I am interested as well on how this discussion will go and I would appreciate it if this intriguing topic would receive more feedback from other people.
  6. Something like this is very understandable. A simple boost in the quality of life for star glads. Even stalkers have the skill teacher so maybe an NPC for star glads seems reasonable too. I don't even use a star glad but I know how a hassle this can be without the said NPC. +1
  7. Hello everyone, Ming here. I may have posted here already in the past but I'm guessing making a new one, wont be that bad. I'll be only including names that I have seen recently, people who showed up from the past few weeks up to now in BG. This list is BG-based so I'm not gonna put names here based on performance in WoE. So let's my start my list with. Professor: Extreme ( Prof ) - One of the profs I've seen that makes BG fun for me. As a fellow prof I find it astonishing to see someone who'd always bring good fights. Good utilization of skills, from bolts to LP and wall of fog and safety walls. Tonia - Is a bit of a new prof but definitely packs a punch. Has obvious potential to exceed our expectations and will eventually become a top-tier prof. Creator: Grime - Like mentioned above in my fave profs. It's exciting to fight people that are not like the average players on the said job. It pushes me to to try and up my game too. I'm usually lazy so i wont do anything if there's nothing out there that can convince me to do something drastic to somehow adjust *to try to put up a good fight*. Due to his unorthodox approach / build and gameplay, it raised the bar for the entire world of creos to force them to adapt too, which is definitely much appreciated. Mai Elanora - A new creo as well but weird how I havent seen him in last week. Was pretty good to see Mai around, does AD and also throws a mix of PP all the time totally displaying that in a clash, you can be in two sides at once if you just even try. Lord knight: Pineapple Express & Gelo - Very consistent LK's ever since they played the role. Tanky LK's that definitely turn the tables around when they are on your team. Lara Faith - A new LK but is already considered on the same level of the other vet LK's. Stalker: Klavius-Kun - A fresh stalker that has started w/ just spamming raids and now also turned debuffer and into long range backstabber which in my opinion is the best way to use the skill. Assassin Cross: Sebaz - A sinx that is very consistent with damage and tankiness. Since he's tanky, I prefer to devo him compared to the other sinx in BG. Also a good team player, definitely a must have in your team. High Wizard: High Wizard Katrinn - Definition of a true wizard. Uses more skills than the average wiz and kites pretty well. Performs miracles, and this guy definitely brings up a storm when in BG. In my opinion, the best wizard around! Paladin: White Daisy - A must have Paladin on a team. Prioritizes objectives rather than wandering around in BG and just hunting people with a duo. She's become the #1 in monthly for last month's BG ladder and we all know you can't get that feat just by killing people ( as a pally ) High Priest: Tinker Bell - I haven't seen this guy around, but a few weeks ago I enjoyed having him on my team. Tanks quite well more than the generic HP's and used to heal me during clashes to prevent me from dying *thanks*. Aimee LeiIa - A very important asset to the team. Does objectives, tanky , supports, pretty much an all around HP. Great fun if duo'd with my Pally, joining BG just to tank and pretty much do nothing but just keeping ourselves alive. Just making everybody's finger hurt for spamming. :( Whitesmith: Diyosa - Probably a month old player. Already shows potential that he'll be somewhat even stronger in the future. Really tanky and deals good damage. Soul Linker: Christopher - Idk who this dude is. But I love you man, we always end up in the same team with him and I love it when I'm using my creo. A very supportive SL, knows who to prioritize using Kaite/Kaupe making a very effective support.
  8. ahhhhhhh, seriously, this is a good one <3
  9. Rhapsody


    As one of the oldest farts here in the server, I would like to disagree. These nerfs were/are justified and was the right decision. The changes you see here aren't nerfs that have been executed in one go. They have been adjusted, slowly and carefully in order to bring balance ( justice ). During the old days. LOL you should have seen how mages, especially professors can eliminate you in just 3-6 seconds. The headgears for me is a nice feature. Having the same stats etc; means that everyone here is fairly balanced, except for some difference depending on the refine rates. This alone throws away the concept of a "Pay to Win server", which is good. Not further pushing the gap of people who donate to people who don't. Man, if you think higher numbers in woe means 100% win rate, dang; kinda proves you lack experience in the world of RO. "A WoE won thanks to utility classes trapping and pneuma/safety walling isn't what i can call expression of your skill." I dont know man what's the problem with traps man, but there's a skill called Ganbantein that removes 2-4 traps in one click. Whats the issue with safety wall, there's a skill called Land Protector. I'm not trying to be salty whatsoever I'm just replying to some of the points you mentioned lol. As the person above me said, "Better comp and strategy based teams go far". I think you haven't seen a guild consisting of 18 members whooping a 24-man guild yet. Though it would have been fair if you at least tried the server and explore first and get geared before judging. Not all servers are the same, you should know that by now.
  10. Just another random day in Anomaly. Just took breakfast and when I came back, this happened.
  11. heeeeeeeeeeeey, we were in the same GR party earlier today! If you need any tips etc any questions. Lemme know!
  12. Name : MingIn-game Name : Professor Mingming Kun, Chocolate Mousse, High Wizard KathryneClass Expertise : Professor, Paladin, High Wiz, CreatorBest way to contact : Preferably via Forum, just send me a message, then we can work something outAvailability (server time) : 7am to 1pm
  13. The nerfs and buffs are too strong in this one, but mehh on the combat knife :v