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  1. Apologies, I've verrified it with Perry, and since the BG pets are based on official pets (just not naturally obtainable) they still follow their default settings. I will adjust the other BG pets later today. Only aRO custom pets (VIP pets, MVP Pets) are +5
  2. The requirements change for each person, but it is roughly a combination of the same items. This is said in the main post
  3. Sniper: Borrum <-- I mean there's no explanation needed. mans is 2 good Creo: Lucky Charms & Beef <--- Two creos who utilize their classes rather clicking 1 hotkey the whole time. Clown & Champion: Luis <-- Pretty sure the only clown you don't want to see in BG/PvP (MVP Champs: Bun and Uranus) LK: Luis & Angel & Beef <-- Best plan of action is to just web and run. Out of all the LKs I can think of, I think these are the top 3 fav HP: Angel Cake <-- There's no other priest that is as hard to kill and is as tanky as Charmy. Please share your priest build with me. Prof: Any prof that knows about spider web or wall of fog is gr8 HW: Chue <-- Most annoying wiz in BG but also one of the most talented SL: Saku <-- "happy little accidents" enough said SG: Sato <-- Hardest person to kill on the server Pally: Scrouge <-- Knows how to play support pally like no tomorrow. Tankiest pally I have seen. Sinx: Luis & Gon <-- Really the only two sinxs that are memorable and know what they're doing. Gon expert breaker. Basically anyone i'd want on my dream BG team.
  4. Seraphina

    GoFundMe Headgear

    self promo 2 stronk
  5. Seraphina

    GoFundMe Headgear

    If ruining the server means wearing this amazing headgear, then that's a risk im willing to take @Vanilla
  6. Good guide, but you don't need caps in the title, so I have changed it
  7. ^ +1 and Valk's reasoning
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    GoFundMe Headgear

    #bringthistoanomaly2018 @Esper @Vanilla
  9. False. I'm a potato. The member after me wears heels regularly
  10. False. I don't really remember my dreams The person below me is under 5'5''
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    Pet Storage

    Ok :( I'll just move myself to rejected now
  12. True The member after me puts pineapples on their pizza
  13. Seraphina

    Pet Storage

    Not sure if possible, buttt In storage can we have a section for pet eggs? :c I feel like with all the MvP eggs now and other custom pets, it would be nice to have them all in their own section