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  1. Thanks alot, i had fun earlier on, and the coding experience was interesting considering thats a game ive played so long ago. I have... started a certain process that I think ill keep secret for now (not a server especially after gravity anounced that theyd be cracking down on private servers).
  2. To be fair we are 4 years later now
  3. Will you ever make another server? When things calm down for example. Also if anything, we should make a discord server for those interested in keeping up with each other. Or the poring burgers discord can serve as that.
  4. Looking back onto it I may have reacted quickly, and misread alot of the freya changes due to my tunnel visioning. Some points still stand however, requiring to defeat the 4 minibosses will increase the time it takes to finish the instance (in normal mode). Perhaps the HP mod reduction will make it faster to clear the nightmare mode for everyone due to the amount of enemies with that hp gain, compared to only having 4 more minibosses to beat. I would still only ever farm the instance for the cards though (if i played). Looking back onto it, its actually a gain for everyone Lets look at an example: Mystic Butterfly magic resist increased from 40% -> 45%, all resist reduced from 70% -> 65% We have to look at "the damage that remains after damage reduction", so that is why the numbers are like 30% (70) and 60% (40) in the following example 0.3 * 0.6 = 0.18% of original damage remaining 0.35 * 0.55 = ~0.19% of original damage remaining overall there was a gain of, maybe about 5% damage for magic casters, but for physical classes, its a gain of 16%. (35% left vs 30%) Hypothetical situation: If you reduce 95% resist to 90% you're actually doubling the damage. Reducing a low amount of resist from already high reduces more damage than reducing the same amount from low. (i still dont like seeing magic dodge and i would rather see the beholders have magic resist instead, the amount of times where theyre at like 5% hp and they just wont die)
  5. I'll say it now While im glad to see a new update, I'm not glad at all to see all the linker nerfing, and the instance especially did not need to be longer than it already is. Also, why is linker targetted for a nerf when the champ/priest abusing @die and osiris card for full MP heals and maxed asura strikes is not looked at? It is clearly far more efficient than linker for clearing trash mobs, especially in a nightmare mode scenario. (Also heres a nitpick: it is a clear cut 15% damage reduction on esma not 14%, according to the numbers (1.00 vs 0.85). EDIT: i thought a bit more of it, and its probably more like 14%, because of the +40 before the base level factor. Also, spoke too soon, reducing 5% resist from numbers like 70 will actually allow more damage to be done in comparison to increasing magic resist for example from 35 to 40 I also didnt notice the new requirement at defeating all minibosses to fight the boss. Many of the class changes are questionable at best, especially in the gunslinger section, nobody uses disarm or cracker. Another nitpick: Why should female wizards have less delay than male wizards? Just because its official shouldnt mean it should be kept if it is to be changed in the first place. It's like making the lighthalzen aura give +5 to all stats over any other hats. More rewards from freya sounds nice on paper, but I was already not willing to farm an instance that takes that long to complete for upgrades that would be better on paper, but offset by the damage upgrade difference from +8 to +10. I would be even less willing to farm the instance now. Other than that, I'm liking to see the newbie support and new hat options are always nice to see.
  6. I do not think that would be necessary, you could still do 3 accounts at a time for spamming. Limiting the number of times it can be done in a day, however, may be better to prevent abuse of daily rewards. If one must stay an hour to get the rewards i would like to see a feature that lets you collect the rewards automatically, i think some may forget to do so, including me.
  7. I personally prefer not to have any shop or chat rooms in the main town, because I'm prone to misclick them when im heading somewhere
  8. That would turn bloody branch/enchanted bloody branch into dead content. Simply because: why hunt 25 dead branches to summon a random boss that has a 10% chance at a card drop, when i can hunt 50 old card albums? For a conversion to be of similar "work", it would require much more to create an upgraded card album, which is what i assume you are referring to when talking about mystical card album (Mystical card album is miniboss only).
  9. Or you can lure the minibosses away like i do in my solo runs, you dont absolutely need to kill the 2 serpents and the gryphon thats not in the middle of the village. The village gryphon is the only miniboss i kill because its faster and less risky during a speedrun. 2 alice shield swap and anodynes will be very useful in this luring task.
  10. Nightmare mode version, alot more deaths but still doable with this setup
  11. The draft WoE failed to start due to my inaptitude at organizing, but I'd like to set a more clear procedure for next time, so that hopefully we won't have to cancel: 1: Show up 30 minutes before the WoE that the draft occurs on. If there is not at least 6 players, wait until 15 minutes before woe maximum. If there isn't enough players (minimum 6), we must cancel unless a miracle happens. 2: Non-leaders form a line to the left of the healer in caspen (@go 0) 3: In the event that one of the team leaders can't show up, we will have to select a volunteer to join. I will start piling up the castle loot and rebuilding the economy to use as reward for the winners. Dead branches, ygg supplies and woe drops.
  12. Short explanation of how i run quickly, i dont want to make a proper guide yet. Gear: MVP headgear set: 3 kiels 2 vesper 1 (any), enchants magic damage holy and magic damage boss Trash mob headgear set: 3 kiels 3 HWC, enchant magic damage non boss (I put 2 kiels in my bottom hg and swapped only top and mid to use less kiels) Survivors rod and manteau (2 dustiness) 2 int belt (osiris, horong, 2 alligators) 2 valk shields: 2 tyrfing cards vs 2 alice cards 2 elite armor C (+8 ED and TGK, +6 angeling and TGK) Sleipnir with 2 FBH undead is useful for voiding dark, undead and poison damage and immunity to freeze and stone curse if any mob can use it in the instance holy is to deal with the gryphons Varetyr spear and chain lightning are the boss's most damaging skills that are wind, so dustiness for resist Medium size protection works best because of fairies waterball To kill gryphon switch to holy, alices, boss damage set and use dark, keep hand on berry due to reflect Method: Kill every mob on the quickest path to the village. Kill every mob in the village especially pillar areas, lure serpent away, boss should spawn (I was missing 1 beholder kill so i had to backtrack) Lure boss to an out-of-the-way area such as the clearing. walk 1 cell towards the path out of the clearing. Use estun at holy element and then use running. It should run you towards the direction you set before you casted estun and move you away from mobs Damage the boss using mvp damage gear. Pay close attention to the boss's casting bar. Kaupe self for 3 sec when boss does a very short spell (thats magic mirror). Before every 25% hp setup a running direction like you did at the clearing in an area you will now have to start avoiding. Heres good places for summons Run to the pillars and destroy depending on the boss text them refer to the epic paint.net to find the locations Keep finding new locations until boss dies Backtrack for chests before using the portal. Alternatively you can just look for chests if not trying to speedrun. I messed up at last pillar, i thought it was dead but it wasnt. 0 to 0:50 is showing gear, starts at 0:51
  13. And to improve the economic/server life/population there must atleast be a semblance of WoE going on, it's a whole loop, not a one way ticket. There are BGers, WoErs and PVMers in RO. At present we can only retain two of the categories of players.
  14. Want rigid definitions? Let's read IROwiki. The War of Emperium is a game feature that allows guilds to fight in order to conquer a Castle to be the headquarters for the guild, and get benefits and special advantages. This isn't about MY definitions of WoE, it's about how it was DESIGNED to be played. It's about how it's played in all other servers. We, as a playerbase, have to get our shit together to improve the state of the server. Again, it's how the game was designed to be played. If the game mode wasn't about guilds fighting each-other to take control of castles, PVP mode would be off, the rules wouldn't involve the breaking of an emperium, and who knows what the game would actually have been about. This isn't about WoEing the way I want it to be played, it's about server health. I want to improve the score that I and others would give to WoE competition instead of giving it a 3/10. I don't review to give points for free, i do it to give an accurate picture of the server I play on. Also? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reminder, this is a review, the economical problems have been noted and explained. The focus is on improving WoE. There is not one issue but multiple, and that is "just" another issue. Notice that the "guild competition" section exists within RMS reviews. If we even had 2 guilds that actually tried to fight each other i would probably have set a 6/10 Except they leave even when we have similar numbers. We were a linker, priest and creator during one of the weeks. When 2 guilds do their best to gather all of their members and one guild almost gets twice the amount of members every week into 2 guilds, it is demoralizing, let me tell you that. That was the issue during the THW age. If they "actually don't want to WoE" they should never be trying to hold castles in the first place and put one skill point into casual guild. And besides let's speak numbers for a bit. I have been holding one castle for little over a month. Let's compare my stats to SA's stats with 9 castles in 3 months. Now there is no way to know their precise amount of woe drops, but we can evaluate. They should have at least 180 per castle, because 3 months. And they posessed 9 castles most of the time, sometimes 10, sometimes lost castles. 9 x 180 = 1620 WoE drops. We can assume the losses have been rebalanced by the higher econ on SA side. Divide this by 7 and you have 231 god items. That is enough god items for... 77 members, assuming that they each want a gear set of 3 items. In theory they should not even need more castle drops, and should not even need to keep holding the castles. So i guess it's about the ygg berries and seeds and DB boxes???
  15. The fact remains that your guild stops showing up and downright logs off whenever we start logging on to fight. The moment SA found itself with more than half castles, it has become a WoE guild. It is an organization of enough members to be able to wipe out single player guilds to secure castles for itself. It is no longer a troll guild no matter how much you wish it still was. As helpful as it may be for newbies gear up to have castles for free, it is definitely not the way WoE is supposed to go, the server is missing one of it's dimensions and it's the WoE scene.