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  1. Hi everyone! In an effort to get some more information for newbies on the website, we're going to be hosting a monthly guide event! The Monthly Guide Event will include forum guides as well as wiki content - feel free to pick whichever content type you prefer! Please be sure to read the guidelines for each content type to ensure that you're meeting the correct standards for an event entry. How to Participate Entering the event is easy - simply post some new content that meets the guidelines, and your entry will automatically be submitted! Each player is allowed to post multiple entries - all of your content will be added up and be counted as a single submission (for example, 3 forum guides/wiki pages will be considered one combined entry). Timeline Submissions are accepted from 1st of each month until the end of the month Winners will be announced during the first week of the following month If less than 3 entries are received for a month, all entries will be carried over to the following month Forum Guide Guidelines Wiki Content Guidelines Prizes Note: The "Mentor" title is granted only to your primary account at the time the winners are selected. If you would like to have the title on a different account, you can change your primary account here. 1st Place: "Mentor" title, 1 Refine Ticket, 3 Upgraded Card Albums, 3 WoE drops, 30 Poring Coins 2nd Place: "Mentor" title, 1 Refine Ticket, 2 Upgraded Card Albums, 2 WoE drops, 20 Poring Coins 3rd Place: "Mentor" title, 1 Refine Ticket, 1 Upgraded Card Album, 1 WoE drop, 10 Poring Coins
  2. Hey guys! I had a bit of time to work on an update again, so we've got some Freyja's tuning again to hopefully make it less tedious to run (especially if you're not a Soul Linker), as well as some balancing changes, a long awaited new batch of headgears, and more. :D There's also a few changes in here to make it a bit easier for new players to catch up; nothing too crazy as this server was never intended to be a typical spoon-feeding SHR, but enough that it should make leveling a bit easier as well as allowing newer players to jump into BG a little earlier. Also, just to clarify, I am still officially on break from RO development, I just wanted to do a quick update as a thank you to the players that have stuck with the server. Anyways, full details below as usual! Server Updates Update: Added new custom headgears Update: The newbie tutorial will now add 30% Freeze duration reduction enchantments to the newbie headgears upon completion Update: The newbie tutorial will now give players 2 Newbie Rings (each Newbie Ring grants -3% cast time, -3% after-cast delay, +3 Vit) Update: Players will now receive an account-bound Dainn Card and 2 account-bound Durathror Cards on their first login -All existing players will receive these retroactively on their first login after this update -Bound items can be sold to NPCs if you don't want them -To check if an item is bound, hover over it in your inventory; the name will be yellow instead of white (note that the RO client doesn't display yellow item names in cart/storage) -Equipment that is compounded with bound cards will now show a yellow name until the cards are removed Update: Achievements system now grants +1% max HP per achievement level (stacks additively with Tao Gunka Card etc) on top of the +1 all stats per achievement level -Quick reminder that level 1 characters don't receive achievement level bonuses Update: Freyja's Ascent Nightmare mode monster scaling now starts at 200% instead of 250% Update: Freyja's Ascent Nightmare mode loot has been adjusted (now gives more/better loot) Update: Freyja's Ascent mobs have been adjusted slightly (most of this simply reduces physical resist while keeping magic resist roughly the same) Update: Freyja's Ascent Dark Priest spawn chance is now doubled on the first run of the day Update: Freyja's Ascent Dark Priest base spawn chance is now 1.5% per player in Nightmare mode (up to a 15% chance with 5 players who are all on their first run) Update: Freyja's Ascent now requires all 4 mini-bosses to be killed before Dark Guardian will spawn Update: Freyja's Ascent will now send loot to your storage if you don't have enough space in your inventory Update: The Gold Room event's chance to start has been increased from 2.3% -> 2.5% (for reference, there's an average of 4 chances to start per hour, or 96 per day) Update: The Gold Room event's chance to start will now be increased to 4% during a random quarter of each day Misc: The Gold Room will now remove your disguise upon entering Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug that could cause monsters to spawn in unreachable cells in Freyja's Ascent Balancing This is a somewhat big balancing update, though most of these are simply fixes to the animation delays system that shouldn't have a significant impact in practice. Exceptions to this will be put under the class specific balancing sections. To those wondering, the old animation delays system was using reference data that another developer had collected; as it turns out, a lot of the data was inaccurate. After testing every single skill in the game and correcting this data, everything should hopefully match the client as expected. Soul Linker's PvM performance is also being nerfed slightly (about a 14% damage reduction for Esma), as well as a nerf to Beast Strafing. Both of these skills had pretty massive damage mods (5400% for Esma and ~3150% for Beast Strafing at 400 total Str) that were difficult to balance PvM content around, so this should allow a bit more room for tuning while still maintaining their high damage. Keep in mind that Freyja's Ascent Nightmare mode mobs have had their base stats (including HP) reduced significantly in this update as well, so clear times should still be fairly similar for SLs. Clown/Gypsy Nerf: Arrow Vulcan's damage modifier buff has been reverted (reduced from 1250% -> 1200% at max level) Nerf: Arrow Vulcan's max chain count has been reduced from 4 -> 3 -Note: Arrow Vulcan is NOT being nerfed in this update; its actually receiving a DPS buff of ~13% even after these changes due to the animation delay fix listed in the next section -Math for those interested (this is based on perfect spam, so +100ms per additional cast in the chain, but it's still roughly +13% DPS even at 200ms between casts): --Old delay (3000ms): 10,000 / (3000 + (100 * 3)) = 3.03 chains/10s * 4 = 12.12 casts/10s * 1250% = 15,152% damage/10s --New delay (1900ms): 10,000 / (1900 + (100 * 2)) = 4.76 chains/10s * 3 = 14.29 casts/10s * 1200% = 17,143% damage/10s = +13.1% DPS --This of course does not account for the added utility of being able to cast other skills sooner after having used Arrow Vulcan Sniper Nerf: Beast Strafing's Str scaling reduced from 8x -> 6x Soul Linker Nerf: Esma's base level scaling has been reduced to 85% (formula changed from 10 * (40 + bLvl)% -> 10 * (40 + (bLvl * 0.85))%) Animation Delay Fixes A quick note about the few classes with changes to their default static animation delays; these only affect specific skills. I'll note which skills the class naturally has access to, but this may also affect card-granted skills (for example, Heal from Vitata Card uses the static animation delay). Note that all of the changes listed in this section are considered bugfixes, so they won't be added to the wiki's balancing page. I'll list them as "buffs" or "nerfs" to make it easier to read, though. If any of these look incorrect, feel free to ask about them and I can retest to confirm. If a delay is listed as being "at 193 ASPD," this means it will be slower at lower ASPD values; otherwise, the skill uses a fixed delay. Assassin Cross Buff: Sonic Blow's animation delay is now properly affected by ASPD (1700ms at 193 ASPD instead of 2000ms) Champion Nerf: Critical Explosion now uses the correct animation delay of 1000ms (this can still be cancelled by DSC) Nerf: Asura Strike is no longer an animation cancel when used outside of a combo High Wizard Buff: Magic Crasher's animation delay delay reduced from static 590ms -> 100ms at 193 ASPD Misc: Jupitel Thunder now correctly applies its animation delay on the first hit instead of on cast (first hit is 150ms after the cast) Nerf: Water Ball's animation delay changed from 590ms -> ((150 * hitCount) + 100)ms at 193 ASPD (can be animation cancelled after the last hit) Misc: Water Ball's animation now correctly applies its animation delay on the first hit instead of on cast (like Jupitel Thunder, this is 150ms after the cast, and this does mean it can technically be chained once at 185+ ASPD) Buff: Amplify Magic Power's animation delay reduced from 775ms/875ms -> 590ms Nerf: Gravitation Field's animation delay increased from 590ms -> 775ms (female with staff, or male with non-staff weapon) or 875ms (male with staff, or female with non-staff weapon) -(Yes, those weird swapped delays between male/female are actually official) Lord Knight Buff: Default static animation delay reduced from 590ms -> 500ms when riding a Peco Peco (only affected natural skill is Provoke) -Affects Knight/Baby Knight too Nerf: Charge Attack's animation delay increased from 100ms -> 140ms at 193 ASPD Clown/Gypsy Buff: Default static animation delay reduced from 590ms -> 400ms (affected natural skills are Arrow Shower and Tarot Card of Fate) -Does not affect Bard/Dancer Buff: Arrow Vulcan's animation delay is now properly affected by ASPD (1900ms at 193 ASPD instead of 3000ms) Buff: Arrow Shower's animation delay reduced from 800ms -> 775ms Nerf: Pang Voice's animation delay increased from 100ms at 193 ASPD -> static 590ms, 1800ms when status is successfully inflicted Gunslinger Nerf: Default static animation delay increased from 590ms -> 1000ms (none of their natural skills are affected by this) Nerf: Disarm's animation delay increased from 590ms -> 970ms at 193 ASPD Ninja Nerf: Default static animation delay increased from 590ms -> 1000ms (none of their natural skills are affected by this) Professor Nerf: Elemental Change's animation delay increased from 0ms -> 590ms Sniper Buff: Arrow Shower's animation delay reduced from 800ms -> 775ms Nerf: All traps and Remove Trap's animation delays now have a minimum animation delay of 300ms Nerf: Phantasmic Arrow's animation delay increased from 100ms -> 140ms at 193 ASPD Stalker Nerf: Close Confine's animation delay increased from 100ms -> 875ms (775ms when wielding a bow) Nerf: Raid's animation delay increased from 0ms -> 875ms (775ms when wielding a bow) -Note that Raid is both animation cancellable and an animation cancel, meaning this does not affect Raid spam, it only affects transitioning to other skills that aren't animation cancels (for example, Raid -> Double Strafing) Nerf: Back Stab's animation delay increased from 100ms -> 140ms at 193 ASPD Miscellaneous This is a list of every fixed skill not noted above; most of these won't make a noticeable difference in competitive play -If one of these changes looks like it should be significant (for example, Ninja frame counts), the reason it's included here instead of above is likely because it has no effect at 193 ASPD due to already being below the minimum skill delay (100ms)
  3. Hi everyone, just wanted to give a heads up that the forums will be shutting down on February 15, so if there's any content that you want to save make sure you do so before then. Not many people are still using the forums, but to those that end up reading this, thank you again for supporting the server!
  4. Hi everyone. To skip right to the main point, the server will be closing on May 15. I'm not sure on the exact time of day that the server will be closing yet, but likely either the middle of the day or in the evening, depending on what my schedule looks like on the day of. Over the last several months I've been paying the server costs out of my own pocket; I was happy to do this for the players that still enjoyed the server, but unfortunately it's reached a point where it's no longer financially viable for me to continue doing so, as the server has very little income while still having the same expenses as before. If you've purchased Donation Credits in the last 30 days and would like a refund, please feel free to message me and I'll process it for you. Also, for those that may want to grab images of their characters, keep in mind that the main website will also be closed shortly after the server, including the sprite renderer module. The forums will be kept up for a while longer; I currently have no planned date for closing them, but if there are any posts you want to keep it would be a good idea to save them sooner rather than later just to be safe. Thank you to all of the players that supported the server and helped it grow over the years, and to the many members of the staff team throughout the server's life that helped keep it running.
  5. As posted in today's update announcement, our client now has a fully integrated client recorder! This is currently considered to be in open beta status, meaning it's expected that some bugs may come up, though we've tried to fix as many as possible during closed beta. This recorder is different from the typical RO recorder, because ours will output to an MP4 file rather than a file that only the RO client can read. This means it can easily be shared with others / uploaded to YouTube, and also that recordings can't be broken by future updates. Hopefully this update will make it easier for players to share their experiences on the server! Of course, as anyone that's actually tried using recording software before probably already knows, getting the settings right for decent recording can be pretty complicated. I've tried to set it up to use reasonable quality settings depending on the user's CPU, but it will likely need some tweaking, which we will try to do in upcoming patches as we receive feedback from everyone! You can check out the Client Recording wiki page for more info, which also includes some details on manually tweaking the quality settings, if you would like to do so, as well as some other settings like enabling/disabling the recording of audio (both output and input audio). If you run into any issues, or if the default quality settings don't work for you, you can help us out by sending the following: -The corresponding log file found in <aRO Folder>/video/log/ which will have the same name as the video file -The recording_log.txt file found in your AnomalyRO folder, if it exists -Your anomaly_record.cfg file as it was at the time of the issue, found in your AnomalyRO folder -A description of the issue that you're experiencing, with as many details as possible -(Optional) A working anomaly_record.cfg file, if you find settings that resolve the issue -(Optional) An example video file, if you think it would help clarify the issue Anyways, that about covers it! Happy recording!
  6. Mostly a balancing update today, but we also have new headgears and some QoL changes! Server Updates Update: New headgears have been added Misc: The Gold Room event will now give a 15 minute warning instead of 5 minutes, so there's more time to get a party together before it starts Misc: Glowing Gold Porings will now drop 8 extra Gold instead of 4 when the Gold Room event is active Misc: The chance of a Gold Room event triggering has been increased slightly Misc: @alootid now accepts a comma separated list of items (ex: @alootid 512,513,514) Misc: Battlegrounds Skulls can no longer be dropped or traded Bugfix: Fixed an issue with batch refining that could cause it to not grant achievements in some cases Bugfix: Fixed an exploit that allowed some players to enter Battlegrounds with external buffs active Balancing Got a bunch of changes today, mostly smaller tweaks to address a few outlier cases, but also some love for Clowns/Gypsies! Since there's a couple controversial / potentially confusing changes here, I'll give a brief explanation of them first, for those that want to read it for some insight into our decisions. Buff: Ankle Snare is no longer affected by knockback immunity Nerf: Fire Pillar's stop duration has been reduced from 1000ms -> 500ms Buff: Scream's success rate has been increased from 30% -> 40% Buff: Scream and Frost Joker no longer have a 10% chance of affecting party members Misc: Dissonance and Ugly Dance will now check for arrow element Misc: Songs/Dances no longer cause the Dissonance/Ugly Dance effect when overlapping, but only one song/dance will take effect on overlapped cells Buff: Songs/Dances no longer count as overlapped when they belong to enemy characters Nerf: Pneuma now has a limit of 3 instances at once per player -Quick reminder that while this does affect High Priests as well, they can use Basilica to clear their Pneumas if they want to move them Nerf: Body Relocation, Backsliding, and Shadow Jump have had their cool downs increased from 750ms -> 800ms Nerf: Cloaking's movement speed has been reduced at lower levels (72% -> 65% at level 3, unchanged at level 10) Nerf: Cloaking's movement speed against walls has been reduced at lower levels (100% -> 90% at level 3, unchanged at level 10) Website Update: Battlegrounds match history and stats are now displayed on the website (Information -> Battlegrounds Stats)
  7. The server has now been officially closed. Thank you again to everyone that played the server! The main website (and wiki) will be closed soon, after I've updated the login system, but as mentioned the forums will remain open for the foreseeable future.
  8. I could use more artists (it's just myself + one artist to start out), but obviously as with any startup, tight budget. Granted I do eventually need a proper 2D lighting system as well (Unity's is useless in its current state), but that's for a future project, so not any time soon. The vast majority of my favourite games have been RPGs, or at least have had RPG elements, so that'll probably be reflected in the games we end up making. :P What we actually end up doing down the road heavily depends on how successful we are though; in theory the dream would be to work on games like MHW, Skyrim, Kenshi, etc, but that would require an enormous amount of money (a lot of employees), so we'll be starting simple, most likely a platformer/RPG hybrid to start with, and working our way up from there.
  9. This will be my official exit from the RO development community, so I don't have any plans to open another server in the future. I'll be putting my focus into my main career goal of starting a game development studio now, with plans to start working full time on that within the next couple months. I'd definitely be open to joining any Discord servers that are made to keep in touch with the community, and I do plan to keep the Poring Burgers server up for the foreseeable future as well. I did actually consider this recently lmao, not buying it out entirely but the idea of getting an official license to run a server in the future. It's probably unlikely that they would ever allow an official server to be highly customized like this one though. That and I'm intending to focus primarily on solo and coop games, so it's unlikely that I'll ever work in the MMO space again, at least within my current plans. I won't rule it out entirely though. :P
  10. Hey everyone, just a reminder that the annual Christmas promo is coming up! All payments received between December 24, 00:00 - January 2, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know! Merry Christmas!
  11. Hi, as explained last year's February update, server development is actually on hold at the moment. I've done a couple smaller updates since then when I've had the extra free time, but for the time being I need to focus on my other obligations/career and my personal health. I would like to come back to active development at some point when I have the time to do so, but I'm not certain when that might be, so for the time being the server will remain mostly in its current state, though still available for anyone that wants to play it.
  12. Just to clarify, the AnomalyRO Settings app also uses OpenSetup (it opens it when you click Graphics Settings). The resolution override in our custom settings app is for specific cases where OpenSetup doesn't properly set the resolution / doesn't list the resolution you want. @Rigonna89, you mentioned trying to run full screen at a lower resolution; unfortunately, this isn't actually possible - when full screen (or borderless mode) is enabled, it'll automatically set it to your screen resolution. The resolution settings currently only work for windowed mode. Right now the only way to play on a higher resolution screen is using windowed mode at up to 1920x1080. I did try looking for a way to override this in the past but I wasn't able to find a solution that actually worked; it seems pretty hardcoded in the client.
  13. The 7 drops refer to the castle drops that are used to create epic gears; these are the 50 weight Misc items that drop exclusively from the chests in the castle treasure rooms. You can use any combination of them, so for example you could use 7 Emblem of the Sun God, or you could use 3 Emblem of the Sun God and 4 Sinew of Bear, etc. Emblem of the Sun God can also be obtained from the Battlegrounds Shop for 250 BG Tickets, though this is typically slower than getting it from castles, so it's mainly just there as an alternative for players that have no interest in WoE and can't buy the drops from players.
  14. You can see all of the epic gears (along with their effects) on the Epic Gears wiki page. :o Each item also links to the website database page for it in case you want to check additional details like the weight or effect script.
  15. You can find the correct coordinates on the iRO Classic wiki page. By default iRO Wiki shows Renewal information, which sometimes uses different coordinates for the NPCs; since we're a Pre-Renewal server the iRO Classic wiki will have more accurate information. :o
  16. As mentioned in the Server Rules, macros and other third party cheating tools are against the rules. Champions (and other classes) are entirely playable without the use of macros.
  17. Hi everyone! Very small update today since it's primarily just to fix a bug with how the Freyja's Ascent loot system was set up. I've also included a minor update, which should make it easier for players that are looking for specific weapons, to compensate for the issue. You can access this new option by speaking to Tanya in Caspen and selecting "Loot Settings." Server Updates Update: Freyja's Ascent now has a Loot Settings option that allows you to disable up to 3 weapon types from the chests (this also affects instance completion rewards) Update: Slightly increased some of the individual rare sword rates in Freyja's Ascent to compensate for their larger weapon pool Bugfix: Fixed a bug in Freyja's Ascent that prevented some rare weapons from dropping in some cases
  18. Just an update on this, I've looked into it further and it seems there was a different bug (unrelated to this update) that prevented some weapons from dropping; I'm working on a fix right now and will also be making another change to make it easier to get specific items to compensate for this. Basically you'll be able to disable 3 weapon types that you don't want, which will increase the chances of getting one of the weapon types you do want instead.
  19. You probably have a Lesser Elemental Ring equipped, which autocasts a few random skills; if you unequip the ring it should stop happening. :o
  20. I'm a little unsure what you mean by the last part, but Combat Knife should be set up correctly in Freyja's. There's 3 other rare daggers and Combat Knife is a slightly rarer drop than the others (Combat Knife is a 20% chance IF the chest has already rolled to drop a rare dagger), so it is pretty hard to get one, especially if you're running the instance solo. Running it with a party will increase the chance of rare drops depending on the party size. Keep in mind that if you're only looking for one weapon, it's likely going to take quite a while to get it. There's a lot of possible drops, and if you've only unlocked one rare drop, the others will simply result in a common drop if they get rolled (for example, if you've only unlocked Combat Knife, and a chest rolls a Poison Knife, it'll just give you a common drop). I'm still open to tweaking the instance more, of course, though any rate adjustments would need to keep in mind that some people may be farming for more than one type of weapon (which would greatly increase their chances of getting at least one of the weapons they want in a run).
  21. Participating in WoE is the fastest way to get castle drops (as long as your guild leader distributes them among the guild's members, of course, which is the standard salary for WoE guilds), but not the only way; you can also buy Emblem of the Sun God from the Battlegrounds Shop for 250 tickets each. Doing it this way is relatively slow, but the intent was to ensure that WoE remained the primary source of castle drops. Of course, you can also buy the drops directly from other players if they happen to be selling them, so you can get them using Zeny and potentially other currencies that way as well. :o
  22. Hi! I do appreciate the idea, though I've always been somewhat hesitant to tie updates to specific/public income goals; it feels a little exploitative (maybe I'm a bit cynical due to how most other servers and game companies are :P), and I've always felt that better content comes from the times that I'm more naturally able/motivated to work on it anyway. The other issue is my health can be inconsistent at times, making it difficult to commit to specific types of updates/deadlines. That being said, right now I do need to prioritize other parts of my life (specifically my health and future career) regardless of the server income, so I haven't had as much freedom to work on updates. I am actually interested in working on another instance at some point, which would include a new MVP of course, but I haven't had the time to try to plan everything, plus the issue of having to design and create a very large map for it. The map for Freyja's Ascent took a long time to make, and that's a fairly simplistic map compared to a lot of the ideas I've had for new instances, so anything more complicated would likely be a pretty massive undertaking and I'm not entirely sure how well I'd be able to pull it off with my limited experience in map making. The other difficulty is deciding what could be used for rewards in a new instance, since I'm guessing people wouldn't be very happy with it reusing the Freyja's reward system - if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them, though of course it could be quite a while before they can actually be implemented. In any case, right now my main goal is just keeping the server up as long as possible. The community has been growing again lately with GR/BG going quite regularly, which has been great to see, so the longer I can keep the server around for the players, the better. :D As long as the server income is enough to cover the costs of running it, the server can stay up; any further updates will come when I have both the time and the energy to do so. Well, that or whenever I lose enough sanity to open BrowEdit and try to make a new map again.
  23. There's a separate repeatable quest now at Rachel 109 134; just a simple item fetch quest, trade in a small set of items (and 5 Silver Coins) to get 4 Freezing Snow Powder.
  24. Hi everyone! It's about time for our summer donation promo! :D All payments received between July 16, 00:00 - July 19, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!
  25. Unfortunately adding new custom bosses would be quite a bit beyond the scope of what I'm able to work on at the moment; server development is still officially on hold, so I'm only able to occasionally work on smaller updates for now, and custom MVPs require a huge amount of work to implement. That being said, any new custom MVPs would likely be part of a larger instance (similar to PKC or Freyja's) if they were to be added, as opposed to being added to LHZ4. As for the weapons, the old Combat Knife will never be added back in - it was nerfed for a reason (the old effect is extremely abusable by a few specific classes), so adding it back in would cause a lot of balance issues. You can get an enchanted version of it from Freyja's Ascent though, if you hand in an unenchanted Combat Knife first to unlock it. It's quite rare of course, but depending on your luck with drops, you can end up with a Combat Knife that has an additional 5% Neutral resist, for example, which synergizes quite well with its new role as a weapon for tankier builds.