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  1. Hi, as explained last year's February update, server development is actually on hold at the moment. I've done a couple smaller updates since then when I've had the extra free time, but for the time being I need to focus on my other obligations/career and my personal health. I would like to come back to active development at some point when I have the time to do so, but I'm not certain when that might be, so for the time being the server will remain mostly in its current state, though still available for anyone that wants to play it.
  2. Just to clarify, the AnomalyRO Settings app also uses OpenSetup (it opens it when you click Graphics Settings). The resolution override in our custom settings app is for specific cases where OpenSetup doesn't properly set the resolution / doesn't list the resolution you want. @Rigonna89, you mentioned trying to run full screen at a lower resolution; unfortunately, this isn't actually possible - when full screen (or borderless mode) is enabled, it'll automatically set it to your screen resolution. The resolution settings currently only work for windowed mode. Right now the only way to play on a higher resolution screen is using windowed mode at up to 1920x1080. I did try looking for a way to override this in the past but I wasn't able to find a solution that actually worked; it seems pretty hardcoded in the client.
  3. The 7 drops refer to the castle drops that are used to create epic gears; these are the 50 weight Misc items that drop exclusively from the chests in the castle treasure rooms. You can use any combination of them, so for example you could use 7 Emblem of the Sun God, or you could use 3 Emblem of the Sun God and 4 Sinew of Bear, etc. Emblem of the Sun God can also be obtained from the Battlegrounds Shop for 250 BG Tickets, though this is typically slower than getting it from castles, so it's mainly just there as an alternative for players that have no interest in WoE and can't buy the drops from players.
  4. You can see all of the epic gears (along with their effects) on the Epic Gears wiki page. :o Each item also links to the website database page for it in case you want to check additional details like the weight or effect script.
  5. You can find the correct coordinates on the iRO Classic wiki page. By default iRO Wiki shows Renewal information, which sometimes uses different coordinates for the NPCs; since we're a Pre-Renewal server the iRO Classic wiki will have more accurate information. :o
  6. As mentioned in the Server Rules, macros and other third party cheating tools are against the rules. Champions (and other classes) are entirely playable without the use of macros.
  7. Hi everyone! Very small update today since it's primarily just to fix a bug with how the Freyja's Ascent loot system was set up. I've also included a minor update, which should make it easier for players that are looking for specific weapons, to compensate for the issue. You can access this new option by speaking to Tanya in Caspen and selecting "Loot Settings." Server Updates Update: Freyja's Ascent now has a Loot Settings option that allows you to disable up to 3 weapon types from the chests (this also affects instance completion rewards) Update: Slightly increased some of the individual rare sword rates in Freyja's Ascent to compensate for their larger weapon pool Bugfix: Fixed a bug in Freyja's Ascent that prevented some rare weapons from dropping in some cases
  8. Just an update on this, I've looked into it further and it seems there was a different bug (unrelated to this update) that prevented some weapons from dropping; I'm working on a fix right now and will also be making another change to make it easier to get specific items to compensate for this. Basically you'll be able to disable 3 weapon types that you don't want, which will increase the chances of getting one of the weapon types you do want instead.
  9. You probably have a Lesser Elemental Ring equipped, which autocasts a few random skills; if you unequip the ring it should stop happening. :o
  10. I'm a little unsure what you mean by the last part, but Combat Knife should be set up correctly in Freyja's. There's 3 other rare daggers and Combat Knife is a slightly rarer drop than the others (Combat Knife is a 20% chance IF the chest has already rolled to drop a rare dagger), so it is pretty hard to get one, especially if you're running the instance solo. Running it with a party will increase the chance of rare drops depending on the party size. Keep in mind that if you're only looking for one weapon, it's likely going to take quite a while to get it. There's a lot of possible drops, and if you've only unlocked one rare drop, the others will simply result in a common drop if they get rolled (for example, if you've only unlocked Combat Knife, and a chest rolls a Poison Knife, it'll just give you a common drop). I'm still open to tweaking the instance more, of course, though any rate adjustments would need to keep in mind that some people may be farming for more than one type of weapon (which would greatly increase their chances of getting at least one of the weapons they want in a run).
  11. Participating in WoE is the fastest way to get castle drops (as long as your guild leader distributes them among the guild's members, of course, which is the standard salary for WoE guilds), but not the only way; you can also buy Emblem of the Sun God from the Battlegrounds Shop for 250 tickets each. Doing it this way is relatively slow, but the intent was to ensure that WoE remained the primary source of castle drops. Of course, you can also buy the drops directly from other players if they happen to be selling them, so you can get them using Zeny and potentially other currencies that way as well. :o
  12. Hi! I do appreciate the idea, though I've always been somewhat hesitant to tie updates to specific/public income goals; it feels a little exploitative (maybe I'm a bit cynical due to how most other servers and game companies are :P), and I've always felt that better content comes from the times that I'm more naturally able/motivated to work on it anyway. The other issue is my health can be inconsistent at times, making it difficult to commit to specific types of updates/deadlines. That being said, right now I do need to prioritize other parts of my life (specifically my health and future career) regardless of the server income, so I haven't had as much freedom to work on updates. I am actually interested in working on another instance at some point, which would include a new MVP of course, but I haven't had the time to try to plan everything, plus the issue of having to design and create a very large map for it. The map for Freyja's Ascent took a long time to make, and that's a fairly simplistic map compared to a lot of the ideas I've had for new instances, so anything more complicated would likely be a pretty massive undertaking and I'm not entirely sure how well I'd be able to pull it off with my limited experience in map making. The other difficulty is deciding what could be used for rewards in a new instance, since I'm guessing people wouldn't be very happy with it reusing the Freyja's reward system - if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them, though of course it could be quite a while before they can actually be implemented. In any case, right now my main goal is just keeping the server up as long as possible. The community has been growing again lately with GR/BG going quite regularly, which has been great to see, so the longer I can keep the server around for the players, the better. :D As long as the server income is enough to cover the costs of running it, the server can stay up; any further updates will come when I have both the time and the energy to do so. Well, that or whenever I lose enough sanity to open BrowEdit and try to make a new map again.
  13. There's a separate repeatable quest now at Rachel 109 134; just a simple item fetch quest, trade in a small set of items (and 5 Silver Coins) to get 4 Freezing Snow Powder.
  14. Hi everyone! It's about time for our summer donation promo! :D All payments received between July 16, 00:00 - July 19, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!
  15. Unfortunately adding new custom bosses would be quite a bit beyond the scope of what I'm able to work on at the moment; server development is still officially on hold, so I'm only able to occasionally work on smaller updates for now, and custom MVPs require a huge amount of work to implement. That being said, any new custom MVPs would likely be part of a larger instance (similar to PKC or Freyja's) if they were to be added, as opposed to being added to LHZ4. As for the weapons, the old Combat Knife will never be added back in - it was nerfed for a reason (the old effect is extremely abusable by a few specific classes), so adding it back in would cause a lot of balance issues. You can get an enchanted version of it from Freyja's Ascent though, if you hand in an unenchanted Combat Knife first to unlock it. It's quite rare of course, but depending on your luck with drops, you can end up with a Combat Knife that has an additional 5% Neutral resist, for example, which synergizes quite well with its new role as a weapon for tankier builds.