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  1. There'll be a promo this Christmas, yep! Exact dates will be announced a little closer to the start of the promo. Also, just a heads up, the website's sprite renderer has been updated with full support for 3rd jobs (including jRO versions), so it can now be used to preview the new job suits! On a related note, I'm currently working on an update to add support for the custom mounts that some of the 3rd jobs have (specifically RK, Ranger, and Mechanic), so if anyone bought an RK suit and was wondering where their dragon is, it's just out to lunch. :D
  2. Hey everyone, it's been a while but the new instance is finally here! This is a pretty huge update, so please let me know if you notice any bugs, and of course do feel free to give any feedback on the instance! Server Updates Update: Freyja's Ascent instance has been added, and can be started by speaking to Tanya at Caspen 143 234 -Loot chests will spawn around the instance, dropping a random enchanted weapon (a specific weapon type can also be selected upon completion of the instance) -Running the instance with a party will spawn more chests, and grant increased rates for rare weapons depending on the party size (up to 5 players) -Running the instance in nightmare mode will also increase the rates for rare weapons, as well as providing better enchants on each weapon -To help mitigate the RNG factor (and ensure that bad rolls aren't completely worthless), Tanya also has a reroll option where 5 of a weapon can be traded in for a new one -Check the wiki page for more information about how the loot system and its rates work! -Note that based on player feedback following the update, the instance's loot rates and/or difficulty might be adjusted in a later update Update: Third job suits are now available in the Donation Shop -Like normal job suits, these prevent attacking and using skills while worn -Alternate (jRO) style suits are also available Update: Hera and Lilith are now available as pets from the VIP Pet Box Update: The Bulk Crafting NPC can now make boxes of 100 elixirs Misc: Rest and Resurrect Homunculus can now be used in the Gold Room Misc: Added Stone to the Convenience Shop so Saku can throw more rocks at you Bugfix: Fixed @restock taking more than the requested number of items out of storage Bugfix: Fixed @restock displaying an unnecessary error if an item had run out completely before restocking Balancing Bugfix: Fixed Bloody Revolver not using the Attack value shown in the description (now has 67 base Atk instead of 30)
  3. Perry the Platypus

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    Ben Shinpiro Trumps Kids in Key Battlegrounds States
  4. Whoops, that was a typo LOL, I meant to say November 30. Thanks for pointing it out; edited the post to fix it now.
  5. Hi everyone, just a quick heads up that we've recently been informed that our alternative payments processor, SuperRewards, will be shutting down soon. Unfortunately we were given pretty short notice; they'll only be processing new payments until November 30, after which we'll be removing them from the website's payment page. At this time we don't have another payment processor to replace SuperRewards, so until another payment processor is found, all purchases after November 30 will need to be done via PayPal. Apologies for the inconvenience and for the very short notice on the cutoff date. I'll be trying to look for some new options soon!
  6. Multiple guides and/or wiki pages from the same player are considered a single, combined entry; while we don't explicitly score them (we use a voting system in the staff Discord), it would effectively give you more "points" for the amount/usefulness of the information.
  7. The winners for June-October have been selected! First Place: @Sakuretsu Second Place: @Bob Third Place: @rozzy Prizes have been mailed to each of the winners - thank you to everyone who posted new guides and wiki content! Submissions for the next round are being accepted and new winners will be selected once enough entries have been received. <3
  8. Absolutely, just hop on a plane and hand it to me in person and I'll manually process it for you. :)
  9. Hi everyone! Sorry for the somewhat short notice on this one, but we'll be having a Halloween promo again this year. :D All payments received between October 28, 00:00 - November 3, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. These bonuses will also apply to our Alternative Donation Methods, so you're free to use those as well if you're unable to use PayPal! If you have any questions please feel free to let me know! Happy Halloween!
  10. Hi everyone! Just wanted to give a quick reminder that the Halloween headgear quests will be starting on October 25, 00:00, and will be available until November 4, 00:00. They'll be the same quests as last year, so you can already start preparing for them if you like - and yes, leftover special drops from last year will still work as well! The next update likely won't be in before the quests start as it's a pretty big update, but we're working on a new custom instance for it to get some more PvM content in soon. <3 Happy Halloween!
  11. Just a small update today, as this was primarily a maintenance update to prepare for the upcoming new instance, but we do have a few new headgears and the @restock command! :D Server Updates Update: New headgears have been added Update: Added @restock -A list of up to 10 items & amounts can be saved for automatic restocking -Items will be restocked automatically upon entering a town map or manually by using @restock -Items CANNOT be restocked on PvP-enabled maps, meaning proper inventory management will still be required during fights -The restock list will be persistent on log out, so it only needs to be set up once Misc: Potion of Greed now works with Dainn, Durathror, and Dvalinn as well Misc: Random tip announcements now trigger at :59 so they don't overlap with automated event announcements Bugfix: Fixed the Vote kRO Customs section of the Donation Shop not opening
  12. Prepped for the next update. Since feedback on this was pretty split among the people I've asked, I decided to go for a bit of a middle ground here. Instead of being able to restock any time, the command will only be usable outside of PvP/BG/WoE maps. Items will be automatically be restocked upon entering a town map (the BG waiting room counts as a "town"), so the main purpose of this will be to reduce the tedium between matches rather than during them.
  13. Just a small update today! Got some new headgears and hairstyles, the Falcon and Vending Rings, as well as some adjustments to the new dungeon. Server Updates Update: Added new hairstyles (5 female, 2 male) Update: New headgears have been added Update: Falcon Ring and Vending Ring are now available in the Vote Shop (100 Vote Points) and Donation Shop (250 Donation Credits) Update: Adjusted the stats of some LHZ4 mobs -Whitesmith now has 20% Fire resist and 50% Neutral resist, but its ranged resist has been reduced from 20% -> 10% -Professor now has 40% Neutral resist -Lord Knight's melee reflect has been increased from 5% -> 10% Bugfix: Fixed the edge of lhz_dun04 being walkable, allowing mobs to spawn off the map Bugfix: Fixed a bug that was causing upgraded armors to use the wrong effect until after relogging (also fixes a bug with Refine Tickets being used on them)
  14. I actually do like this idea, but unfortunately it's not possible without the original spriter updating them (editing purchased sprites is usually against the license terms). Sprouting actually does have a performance, but sadly that was the only sprite that came with one. :(
  15. Copyright claims* :( (Moved to Off-Topic)