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  1. Hi! I do appreciate the idea, though I've always been somewhat hesitant to tie updates to specific/public income goals; it feels a little exploitative (maybe I'm a bit cynical due to how most other servers and game companies are :P), and I've always felt that better content comes from the times that I'm more naturally able/motivated to work on it anyway. The other issue is my health can be inconsistent at times, making it difficult to commit to specific types of updates/deadlines. That being said, right now I do need to prioritize other parts of my life (specifically my health and future career) regardless of the server income, so I haven't had as much freedom to work on updates. I am actually interested in working on another instance at some point, which would include a new MVP of course, but I haven't had the time to try to plan everything, plus the issue of having to design and create a very large map for it. The map for Freyja's Ascent took a long time to make, and that's a fairly simplistic map compared to a lot of the ideas I've had for new instances, so anything more complicated would likely be a pretty massive undertaking and I'm not entirely sure how well I'd be able to pull it off with my limited experience in map making. The other difficulty is deciding what could be used for rewards in a new instance, since I'm guessing people wouldn't be very happy with it reusing the Freyja's reward system - if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them, though of course it could be quite a while before they can actually be implemented. In any case, right now my main goal is just keeping the server up as long as possible. The community has been growing again lately with GR/BG going quite regularly, which has been great to see, so the longer I can keep the server around for the players, the better. :D As long as the server income is enough to cover the costs of running it, the server can stay up; any further updates will come when I have both the time and the energy to do so. Well, that or whenever I lose enough sanity to open BrowEdit and try to make a new map again.
  2. There's a separate repeatable quest now at Rachel 109 134; just a simple item fetch quest, trade in a small set of items (and 5 Silver Coins) to get 4 Freezing Snow Powder.
  3. Hi everyone! It's about time for our summer donation promo! :D All payments received between July 16, 00:00 - July 19, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!
  4. Unfortunately adding new custom bosses would be quite a bit beyond the scope of what I'm able to work on at the moment; server development is still officially on hold, so I'm only able to occasionally work on smaller updates for now, and custom MVPs require a huge amount of work to implement. That being said, any new custom MVPs would likely be part of a larger instance (similar to PKC or Freyja's) if they were to be added, as opposed to being added to LHZ4. As for the weapons, the old Combat Knife will never be added back in - it was nerfed for a reason (the old effect is extremely abusable by a few specific classes), so adding it back in would cause a lot of balance issues. You can get an enchanted version of it from Freyja's Ascent though, if you hand in an unenchanted Combat Knife first to unlock it. It's quite rare of course, but depending on your luck with drops, you can end up with a Combat Knife that has an additional 5% Neutral resist, for example, which synergizes quite well with its new role as a weapon for tankier builds.
  5. They still have a 10s duration; you can see the actual changes on the balancing page. The actual speed boost is lowered, and it can be dispelled, but it's still superior to a badge. It being harder to get is intentional though, as having players use badges instead is generally preferred.
  6. I'm not sure which class you're playing, but using this example, the weapon would need to at least triple your DPS to have made any difference here. MVP goes to whoever deals the most damage so, outside of a few specific circumstances, you need to deal at least 50% of the damage to get the drops. Unfortunately tripling DPS is far beyond what bloody weapons were designed to do; most of them don't actually increase DPS very much (they're only 2-slotted), leaning more towards adding utility/survivability like resistance to Boss monsters, knockback immunity, etc. Of course as I mentioned I'm not necessarily against changes that would make another class or two viable as MVP killers, the issue is just that it's far beyond the scope of bloody weapons.
  7. There aren't currently any plans to add other bloody weapons, though their effects likely wouldn't be big enough to make other classes viable even if they were added. It's worth noting that Soul Linker and Champion can kill quite a few MVPs a lot faster than Snipers, so while Snipers do well against some specific MVPs (ones where Gloom or Ktullanux are applicable being a notable example), they're not the top class for all of them. Professor can also be used to some success, though they're quite a bit more expensive to gear for it, and I think they're outclassed by Soul Linkers in every case. Bloody Blade can of course be used as well, though the main class it applies to (Assassin Cross, dual wielding) unfortunately still lags behind the top MVP classes as far as I know - pretty easy to gear for it though, at least. Other classes really don't have enough in their kits to compete in MVPing. A custom weapon that gives them a 20-30% DPS boost wouldn't be enough to change that, which means it would require a lot more than just adding the weapons; either they'd need some pretty heavy adjustments to their skills to improve their DPS, or a number of other custom items would be needed to make up the rest of the difference. Both of these would be much larger updates, whereas the Bloody weapons were meant for more minor adjustments. That's not to say I wouldn't be open to making changes to the current MVPing meta, just that the scope of that would be a lot larger than just the weapons. With development currently being on hold, that unfortunately means larger updates like this would likely be postponed until I'm able to work more consistently on the server again.
  8. Answered this in the chat box as well but just to have it on record here, and to explain it in a bit more detail, 3v3 unfortunately wouldn't work for Battlegrounds. The only mode that would properly support it is Team Deathmatch, but a lot of players don't like TDM, which would discourage them from even joining the queue at all if it was the only mode available below 8 players. All of the other BG modes would effectively just become party PvP with no real focus on objectives (essentially becoming TDM), or a set of 1v1 PvP fights (Stone Control or CTF, for example), neither of which is what BG is supposed to be. Previously the minimum required player count was 10 because even 4v4 doesn't work in most BG modes (that's why some of the modes still won't start without it being a 5v5). To get around that I made our own custom Battlegrounds map (the one used for Flag Runner and King of the Hill), specifically with a couple custom 4v4 modes in mind. While I do understand your concern about BG armor accessibility, 4v4 is really the smallest we can go without making it something that isn't really Battlegrounds anymore. That being said, depending on timing I can sometimes be messaged on Discord if you're trying to get a queue started; my sleeping schedule is a bit unusual (I have a sleeping disorder so I'm awake at different times every day), but if I'm on my computer at the time I can usually hop on for at least a few matches. Aside from that though, the only thing that can really be done is to try to get the server growing again. Writing a good review on RMS every 6 months or so (reviews only affect a server's score for 6 months, so they need to be reposted after that) gives us some extra exposure to new players, and sitting around in town even if you're afk will show newbies that we have a playerbase (seeing lots of afk people is better than seeing nobody at all). Of course if you happen to see a newbie walking around while you're sitting in town, offering to help by answering questions can go a long way in convincing them to stay as well, which ultimately means more people for BG once they get at least somewhat geared up for it (which is a lot easier now with the last update adding a few free F.Forest cards for newbies). By the way, if you're not already in the Poring Burgers Discord, you (and anyone else interested in running BG) can join it - there's a channel in it for trying to get BG started, so you can send out a quick ping to the BG role when you're starting a queue to reach people that may be available but not in-game at the time.
  9. Yeah, the overall effect should be better for the vast majority of classes, even with the miniboss change. You're right that normal mode will take a bit longer though; with it already being relatively easy/fast I figured the significant improvements to nightmare mode would outweigh the comparatively minor hit to normal mode, especially as it's primarily for end-game farming anyway where most people running it will already be fairly well geared. Professors were significantly slower than SLs as well (in my testing they were somewhat similar to Sniper's solo run times, though of course more expensive to use) so this was actually intentional. Physical classes definitely needed more help overall but I didn't want to leave the other magic classes completely behind with the changes either, so this was more so just shifting the resists in relation to each other as opposed to actually making them stronger against magic. :o
  10. I don't think you read the changes thoroughly enough in this case; the total run time for Soul Linker in nightmare mode should be roughly the same, not longer, because all of the mobs have lower HP now as well. What this update did was bring other classes closer to SL's run times, not SL closer to theirs. In other words, every class except for SL should be able to run it faster, while SL will run it at roughly the same times as before. The only exception to this is that a speed run (skipping all loot) will be slightly slower due to the miniboss kill requirement, but this is about balancing out regular runs to make it less tedious to get the loot from the instance, especially on non-SL classes. This of course affects other PvM content as well, but SLs have traditionally been a concern in all PvM content, so this should help to bring them a bit more in line while still having vastly superior damage to other classes. More importantly though, in the event that I'm able to work on more instances in the future, this change will make it a lot easier to balance them properly. At the time of working on these changes I didn't have much information to work with; Soul Linkers were the primary issue because of their ability to solo nightmare mode extremely quickly. I didn't have much data on run times for Champ/HP combo but from what I had gathered it sounded like solo SL was still the faster way to farm gear from the instance. That being said, Champ/HP runs were the main reason for adding the miniboss kill requirement - both minibosses have pretty high Neutral resist (Snow Gryphon's was increased slightly here for this same reason), so ideally this change should slow Champs down to at least some extent as well. If further changes are needed to balance out the times then that can be looked at. As mentioned at the top of the section, the animation delays update was only about fixing the incorrect data that the old animation delays system used. You're right that the Gunslinger changes (and quite a few others) are largely meaningless, but since this was simply a matter of updating the dataset (and the underlying code that affects all skills, not just those ones), there was no reason not to fix the bugs that were present. It simply puts the starting point at what is technically official, so that any future changes are correctly noted on the balancing page. The delay differences between male/female are unusual, yes; in the particular case you noted it seemed fairly inconsequential (I don't really see that particular animation delay having an impact on balance), so leaving it as official behaviour saves a line on the balancing page of the wiki. In other words, it simply makes the balancing list easier to read through while not having a notable effect on balancing. Either way, it is possible this will be changed later. It's worth pointing out that any of these changes can later be reverted or adjusted further; this was exclusively about fixing the animation delays system to better reflect official behaviour, it wasn't intended to be an in-depth balancing pass. Arrow Vulcan was of course an exception to this, receiving an adjustment in the same update, but that's due to it being the one skill that got an extremely notable buff from these bug fixes. Magic Crasher also got a notable buff out of this of course, but with the existing changes to how Thanatos Card works, it shouldn't be too big an issue; if it turns out to be a problem though then it (or other skills) can be adjusted to compensate, as is the case for any of the skills/classes affected by this update. Again, I think you're missing that SL times should be no longer now than they were before when you're running it for the loot - the main reason for this is the drop from nightmare mode's base scaling from 250% to 200%, which is a significant reduction in HP for the mobs, easily offsetting Esma's damage reduction. More importantly though, the increased chest count was only a small part of the loot changes; the loot overall should also be noticeably better across multiple runs, with the enchantment values being higher and rare drops (if you've unlocked them) being more common. The higher frequency of secondary resist enchants should make a difference here as well. In other words, runs are now faster for better loot, or at the very least (in the case of SL), roughly the same time for better loot. There's no reason for the instance to be any less appealing than before; there's multiple reasons for it to be more appealing, whether that be opening it up to other classes or simply the fact that it'll now take significantly less runs than before to get something useful out of it. Hopefully this clears up most of your concerns. Happy to respond to any remaining concerns and/or questions if needed.
  11. Hey guys! I had a bit of time to work on an update again, so we've got some Freyja's tuning again to hopefully make it less tedious to run (especially if you're not a Soul Linker), as well as some balancing changes, a long awaited new batch of headgears, and more. :D There's also a few changes in here to make it a bit easier for new players to catch up; nothing too crazy as this server was never intended to be a typical spoon-feeding SHR, but enough that it should make leveling a bit easier as well as allowing newer players to jump into BG a little earlier. Also, just to clarify, I am still officially on break from RO development, I just wanted to do a quick update as a thank you to the players that have stuck with the server. Anyways, full details below as usual! Server Updates Update: Added new custom headgears Update: The newbie tutorial will now add 30% Freeze duration reduction enchantments to the newbie headgears upon completion Update: The newbie tutorial will now give players 2 Newbie Rings (each Newbie Ring grants -3% cast time, -3% after-cast delay, +3 Vit) Update: Players will now receive an account-bound Dainn Card and 2 account-bound Durathror Cards on their first login -All existing players will receive these retroactively on their first login after this update -Bound items can be sold to NPCs if you don't want them -To check if an item is bound, hover over it in your inventory; the name will be yellow instead of white (note that the RO client doesn't display yellow item names in cart/storage) -Equipment that is compounded with bound cards will now show a yellow name until the cards are removed Update: Achievements system now grants +1% max HP per achievement level (stacks additively with Tao Gunka Card etc) on top of the +1 all stats per achievement level -Quick reminder that level 1 characters don't receive achievement level bonuses Update: Freyja's Ascent Nightmare mode monster scaling now starts at 200% instead of 250% Update: Freyja's Ascent Nightmare mode loot has been adjusted (now gives more/better loot) Update: Freyja's Ascent mobs have been adjusted slightly (most of this simply reduces physical resist while keeping magic resist roughly the same) Update: Freyja's Ascent Dark Priest spawn chance is now doubled on the first run of the day Update: Freyja's Ascent Dark Priest base spawn chance is now 1.5% per player in Nightmare mode (up to a 15% chance with 5 players who are all on their first run) Update: Freyja's Ascent now requires all 4 mini-bosses to be killed before Dark Guardian will spawn Update: Freyja's Ascent will now send loot to your storage if you don't have enough space in your inventory Update: The Gold Room event's chance to start has been increased from 2.3% -> 2.5% (for reference, there's an average of 4 chances to start per hour, or 96 per day) Update: The Gold Room event's chance to start will now be increased to 4% during a random quarter of each day Misc: The Gold Room will now remove your disguise upon entering Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug that could cause monsters to spawn in unreachable cells in Freyja's Ascent Balancing This is a somewhat big balancing update, though most of these are simply fixes to the animation delays system that shouldn't have a significant impact in practice. Exceptions to this will be put under the class specific balancing sections. To those wondering, the old animation delays system was using reference data that another developer had collected; as it turns out, a lot of the data was inaccurate. After testing every single skill in the game and correcting this data, everything should hopefully match the client as expected. Soul Linker's PvM performance is also being nerfed slightly (about a 14% damage reduction for Esma), as well as a nerf to Beast Strafing. Both of these skills had pretty massive damage mods (5400% for Esma and ~3150% for Beast Strafing at 400 total Str) that were difficult to balance PvM content around, so this should allow a bit more room for tuning while still maintaining their high damage. Keep in mind that Freyja's Ascent Nightmare mode mobs have had their base stats (including HP) reduced significantly in this update as well, so clear times should still be fairly similar for SLs. Clown/Gypsy Nerf: Arrow Vulcan's damage modifier buff has been reverted (reduced from 1250% -> 1200% at max level) Nerf: Arrow Vulcan's max chain count has been reduced from 4 -> 3 -Note: Arrow Vulcan is NOT being nerfed in this update; its actually receiving a DPS buff of ~13% even after these changes due to the animation delay fix listed in the next section -Math for those interested (this is based on perfect spam, so +100ms per additional cast in the chain, but it's still roughly +13% DPS even at 200ms between casts): --Old delay (3000ms): 10,000 / (3000 + (100 * 3)) = 3.03 chains/10s * 4 = 12.12 casts/10s * 1250% = 15,152% damage/10s --New delay (1900ms): 10,000 / (1900 + (100 * 2)) = 4.76 chains/10s * 3 = 14.29 casts/10s * 1200% = 17,143% damage/10s = +13.1% DPS --This of course does not account for the added utility of being able to cast other skills sooner after having used Arrow Vulcan Sniper Nerf: Beast Strafing's Str scaling reduced from 8x -> 6x Soul Linker Nerf: Esma's base level scaling has been reduced to 85% (formula changed from 10 * (40 + bLvl)% -> 10 * (40 + (bLvl * 0.85))%) Animation Delay Fixes A quick note about the few classes with changes to their default static animation delays; these only affect specific skills. I'll note which skills the class naturally has access to, but this may also affect card-granted skills (for example, Heal from Vitata Card uses the static animation delay). Note that all of the changes listed in this section are considered bugfixes, so they won't be added to the wiki's balancing page. I'll list them as "buffs" or "nerfs" to make it easier to read, though. If any of these look incorrect, feel free to ask about them and I can retest to confirm. If a delay is listed as being "at 193 ASPD," this means it will be slower at lower ASPD values; otherwise, the skill uses a fixed delay. Assassin Cross Buff: Sonic Blow's animation delay is now properly affected by ASPD (1700ms at 193 ASPD instead of 2000ms) Champion Nerf: Critical Explosion now uses the correct animation delay of 1000ms (this can still be cancelled by DSC) Nerf: Asura Strike is no longer an animation cancel when used outside of a combo High Wizard Buff: Magic Crasher's animation delay delay reduced from static 590ms -> 100ms at 193 ASPD Misc: Jupitel Thunder now correctly applies its animation delay on the first hit instead of on cast (first hit is 150ms after the cast) Nerf: Water Ball's animation delay changed from 590ms -> ((150 * hitCount) + 100)ms at 193 ASPD (can be animation cancelled after the last hit) Misc: Water Ball's animation now correctly applies its animation delay on the first hit instead of on cast (like Jupitel Thunder, this is 150ms after the cast, and this does mean it can technically be chained once at 185+ ASPD) Buff: Amplify Magic Power's animation delay reduced from 775ms/875ms -> 590ms Nerf: Gravitation Field's animation delay increased from 590ms -> 775ms (female with staff, or male with non-staff weapon) or 875ms (male with staff, or female with non-staff weapon) -(Yes, those weird swapped delays between male/female are actually official) Lord Knight Buff: Default static animation delay reduced from 590ms -> 500ms when riding a Peco Peco (only affected natural skill is Provoke) -Affects Knight/Baby Knight too Nerf: Charge Attack's animation delay increased from 100ms -> 140ms at 193 ASPD Clown/Gypsy Buff: Default static animation delay reduced from 590ms -> 400ms (affected natural skills are Arrow Shower and Tarot Card of Fate) -Does not affect Bard/Dancer Buff: Arrow Vulcan's animation delay is now properly affected by ASPD (1900ms at 193 ASPD instead of 3000ms) Buff: Arrow Shower's animation delay reduced from 800ms -> 775ms Nerf: Pang Voice's animation delay increased from 100ms at 193 ASPD -> static 590ms, 1800ms when status is successfully inflicted Gunslinger Nerf: Default static animation delay increased from 590ms -> 1000ms (none of their natural skills are affected by this) Nerf: Disarm's animation delay increased from 590ms -> 970ms at 193 ASPD Ninja Nerf: Default static animation delay increased from 590ms -> 1000ms (none of their natural skills are affected by this) Professor Nerf: Elemental Change's animation delay increased from 0ms -> 590ms Sniper Buff: Arrow Shower's animation delay reduced from 800ms -> 775ms Nerf: All traps and Remove Trap's animation delays now have a minimum animation delay of 300ms Nerf: Phantasmic Arrow's animation delay increased from 100ms -> 140ms at 193 ASPD Stalker Nerf: Close Confine's animation delay increased from 100ms -> 875ms (775ms when wielding a bow) Nerf: Raid's animation delay increased from 0ms -> 875ms (775ms when wielding a bow) -Note that Raid is both animation cancellable and an animation cancel, meaning this does not affect Raid spam, it only affects transitioning to other skills that aren't animation cancels (for example, Raid -> Double Strafing) Nerf: Back Stab's animation delay increased from 100ms -> 140ms at 193 ASPD Miscellaneous This is a list of every fixed skill not noted above; most of these won't make a noticeable difference in competitive play -If one of these changes looks like it should be significant (for example, Ninja frame counts), the reason it's included here instead of above is likely because it has no effect at 193 ASPD due to already being below the minimum skill delay (100ms)
  12. Hey everyone, Valentine's Day is coming up soon which means another promo! :D All payments received between February 10, 00:00 - February 17, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know! Happy Valentine's Day! <3
  13. Hey everyone, the annual Christmas promo is coming up soon! All payments received between December 24, 00:00 - January 2, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know! Merry Christmas!
  14. Hi! Just as a quick heads up, as noted in February's update, scheduled/planned server development is currently on hold while I focus on my career and other obligations outside of RO development. Of course I would still like to come back to it when I have the time to do so, but that does mean that suggestions may not be added for quite some time; I may still work on some updates but they'd probably be smaller ones like the one in April. With that being said, I'm a little confused about what you mean by massive mob spawn; do you just mean custom/new maps in general, or did you have a specific purpose in mind such as farming materials (like LHZ4) or a bit more of a challenge (like Freyja's Ascent)? The third idea of a new instance is actually something I wanted to do (Freyja's was supposed to be the first of multiple instances, which would potentially have been tied into custom weapon crafting once enough of them were implemented), but it requires a lot of work and testing to add new ones. Even implementing Renewal instances can be a lot of work due to balancing (both the mobs and the rewards). By the way, it is actually possible to farm LHZ4 without BG armors, they just make it a bit faster/easier. :D Any regular armor should work fine as long as you're exploiting their elemental weaknesses (Snipers can do this fairly well, with Charge Arrow helping to avoid getting hit too much). Either way most builds involve Yggdrasil usage to stay alive.
  15. You should be able to disable this by opening the Quest window (Alt + U by default, or click the Quest button in the top left) and unchecking "Show Quest" at the bottom left corner. :o