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  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to give a quick reminder that the Halloween headgear quests will be starting on October 25, 00:00, and will be available until November 4, 00:00. They'll be the same quests as last year, so you can already start preparing for them if you like - and yes, leftover special drops from last year will still work as well! The next update likely won't be in before the quests start as it's a pretty big update, but we're working on a new custom instance for it to get some more PvM content in soon. <3 Happy Halloween!
  2. Just a small update today, as this was primarily a maintenance update to prepare for the upcoming new instance, but we do have a few new headgears and the @restock command! :D Server Updates Update: New headgears have been added Update: Added @restock -A list of up to 10 items & amounts can be saved for automatic restocking -Items will be restocked automatically upon entering a town map or manually by using @restock -Items CANNOT be restocked on PvP-enabled maps, meaning proper inventory management will still be required during fights -The restock list will be persistent on log out, so it only needs to be set up once Misc: Potion of Greed now works with Dainn, Durathror, and Dvalinn as well Misc: Random tip announcements now trigger at :59 so they don't overlap with automated event announcements Bugfix: Fixed the Vote kRO Customs section of the Donation Shop not opening
  3. Prepped for the next update. Since feedback on this was pretty split among the people I've asked, I decided to go for a bit of a middle ground here. Instead of being able to restock any time, the command will only be usable outside of PvP/BG/WoE maps. Items will be automatically be restocked upon entering a town map (the BG waiting room counts as a "town"), so the main purpose of this will be to reduce the tedium between matches rather than during them.
  4. Just a small update today! Got some new headgears and hairstyles, the Falcon and Vending Rings, as well as some adjustments to the new dungeon. Server Updates Update: Added new hairstyles (5 female, 2 male) Update: New headgears have been added Update: Falcon Ring and Vending Ring are now available in the Vote Shop (100 Vote Points) and Donation Shop (250 Donation Credits) Update: Adjusted the stats of some LHZ4 mobs -Whitesmith now has 20% Fire resist and 50% Neutral resist, but its ranged resist has been reduced from 20% -> 10% -Professor now has 40% Neutral resist -Lord Knight's melee reflect has been increased from 5% -> 10% Bugfix: Fixed the edge of lhz_dun04 being walkable, allowing mobs to spawn off the map Bugfix: Fixed a bug that was causing upgraded armors to use the wrong effect until after relogging (also fixes a bug with Refine Tickets being used on them)
  5. I actually do like this idea, but unfortunately it's not possible without the original spriter updating them (editing purchased sprites is usually against the license terms). Sprouting actually does have a performance, but sadly that was the only sprite that came with one. :(
  6. Copyright claims* :( (Moved to Off-Topic)
  7. Fixed in the next update, thanks for reporting this (and including the coordinates)!
  8. The negative feedback to this topic so far has revolved around two primary points; one being that it simply isn't necessary, the other being that it would make Merchant classes less unique (and potentially devalue job suits to an extent). The first point I agree with, though I don't think that some players not needing it should necessarily warrant rejecting a suggestion outright unless it's something that would take a lot of time/effort to implement (which isn't the case here). The second point would be more valid as far as rejecting the suggestion goes, though I think this is mostly mitigated by the lack of special carts - the default cart is pretty plain, and only Merchants will have access to Change/Decorate Cart. Falcon Rings also existed on the old server, so it would make sense to implement these two together, and opens up some new unique combinations since you can use them both at the same time. That being said, job suits are exclusive to the Donation Shop, so both of these rings will only be put in the Vote Shop and Donation Shop, meaning that they'll still be exclusively obtained by supporting the server in some way.
  9. To give some insight into how the spawning system works, there's 100 mobs total on the map. When one dies, the system will select a class (and style) at random to replace it with, so when a Whitesmith is killed for example, it won't necessarily be replaced with another Whitesmith. The rate of each class should be roughly the same per spawn, but if most players are skipping a particular mob (in this case Stalkers), the map will slowly fill up with them until someone clears them out.
  10. Hi everyone! There'll be another weekend promo coming up this weekend! :D All payments received between September 13, 00:00 - September 15, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. These bonuses will also apply to our Alternative Donation Methods, so you're free to use those as well if you're unable to use PayPal! If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!
  11. I'd personally recommend using a Bloody Rod to deal with the reflect here, if you're going to be using a magic class. The 20% reflected damage reduction helps a lot here in terms of reducing berry consumption (keep in mind that -20% damage is +25% effective HP), and you don't really lose out on that much damage for it imo. Could potentially pair it with 2 Cerulean Bands (50% reduction total) as well, or Orichalcum Bands as a mid tier option, though obviously at this point you'd be sacrificing quite a bit more damage so whether or not it's worth it would likely come down to how much berry spamming you want to do. You do lose out on the Neutral resist by using the Bloody Rod as well, but most of the mobs are unlikely to be hitting you with much Neutral damage anyway, as they're all set up to simulate the use of converters / elemental ammo to some extent.
  12. Working on creating a custom map for another PvM update already as well. :D No ETA yet but I'll be trying to finish the map as soon as possible so I can start coding everything for the instance.
  13. Hey everyone! Big update today with some new PvM content! You can now upgrade your garments and Battlegrounds armor by farming Mithril Ore in lhz_dun04, with the armors having a bunch of unique effects to choose from! We've also implemented some new changes to help newbies with getting settled into the server, as a lot of them are unaware of some of the features that are available to them if they don't check the wiki before playing. Anyways, check out the details below! Server Updates Update: Battlegrounds armors can now be upgraded by speaking to Vulkan in the Adventurer's Guild Armory (ag_hall01 38 162) -Each Battlegrounds armor upgrades into 3 Elite variants, with a cost of 100 Mithril Ore for each update -Upgrading a Battlegrounds armor into an Elite armor will reduce the current refine level by 2 -Elite armors will only be refined to +6 when using a Refine Ticket - See the wiki page for more information about the armors Update: Garments can now be upgraded by speaking to Vulkan in the Adventurer's Guild Armory (ag_hall01 38 162) -Upgrading a garment costs 50 Mithril Ore and will add 1% max HP per refine to its effect -ALL garments can be upgraded, regardless of whether or not they're custom -Upgrading a garment will NOT reduce its refine level Update: Custom player monsters have been added to lhz_dun04 -Each monster drops 1 Mithril Ore and 1 Treasure Box -Killing 100 monsters will earn a bonus of 100 Mithril Ore once per day -Adventurer's Guild access is NOT required to enter the dungeon, so any account can be used to farm Mithril Ore Update: New headgears have been added Update: The Battlegrounds Ladder will now apply a 30% points penalty to players in duo queues Update: Bounty spawn rate has been slightly increased, Tao Gunka bounty spawn rate slightly reduced to compensate as it had the highest rate in the previous spawn list Update: Bounty spawn announcements will now include the reward for killing the MVP Update: The cost to transfer headgear enchantments has been reduced from 20 MCs -> 15 MCs Update: Added an hourly tips announcement, mainly covering info that would be useful to newer players -These announcements can be hidden with @bcfilter if you'd rather not see them Update: Added a one-time reminder when characters reach level 300 that leveling in Forgotten Forest is recommended to get some Zeny along the way as well Misc: Removed noteleport mapflag from ama_dun01 Misc: Lord of Death will now spawn a tombstone after being killed Misc: Made some minor tweaks to a few of the NPC dialogues in the newbie tutorial Website Update: Battlegrounds match history will now show which players were duo queued with each other (this will only apply to new matches)
  14. Prepped for the next update, players in duo queues will receive a 30% penalty to ladder points gained.