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  1. Prepped for the next update. PvP will be split into pvp_ranked and pvp_unranked for @go to avoid players accidentally entering the wrong room if they don't realize there's two of them. The map will be the same as the current PvP room to make it an "accurate" practice location, though we may get a custom PvP map in the future when development starts to shift more in that direction.
  2. The enchantment system is working as intended with it being a pure RNG roll; it's entirely random chance, so getting the exact same roll multiple times in a row isn't actually very likely and would just be a case of bad luck. This is how it's supposed to work, as skipping the enchantment's current value during a reroll would actually increase the chances of getting a higher roll, changing the rates (and possibly value) of higher level enchantments.
  3. This is a partial duplicate of this topic, but to summarize briefly, it is something I'd like to create a solution for but will likely require some heavy client modding to make it possible without requiring an awkward workaround. I'll try to look into this a bit soon and see if I can figure out an easier way to set up a client mod for it, though I can't give any kind of an ETA yet since unfortunately working with client modifications is a lot more complex than normal server updates, and I'm not 100% sure which implementations would actually be possible to get working on the client yet. Elkkira's idea would probably work as a backup solution but I'd prefer to integrate something directly into the client if possible, just to make it smoother/easier to use.
  4. Perry the Platypus


    Hi! Could you send me a forum PM with a bit more information? If you include the username you're trying to log in with I can search the logs for you, and if you can also let me know exactly what point this happens at (entering login details, selecting a character, etc) that would help narrow it down as well. :o You can also try running the "aRO Network Diagnostics" tool in your AnomalyRO folder and sending the file that it generates.
  5. The crash log seems to suggest it was related to the in-game help window (rodock.exe) rather than just a random client crash, but I'm glad to hear it managed to resolve itself. :o If it does start up again you can try the suggestions from my previous post and then let me know if it continues after that.
  6. The winners for December have been selected! First Place: @Miss Vanjie Second Place: @TTTWWW Third Place: @rozzy Prizes have been mailed to each of the winners - thank you to everyone who posted new guides and wiki content! Submissions for January are being accepted and new winners will be selected at the start of next month. <3
  7. Can you check in your AnomalyRO folder and double check that a file named "rodock.exe" exists (it may just show as "rodock" if you have extensions hidden)? Looking at the crash log it seems to be an issue when the client tries to communicate with the in-game help window, so it's possible that an antivirus is blocking functionality in some way. If rodock.exe does exist, you can try disabling your antivirus temporarily to see if it allows it to run without a crash, and if that's the case you should be able to add the rodock.exe file as an exception to allow it to run normally without disabling the antivirus. If that doesn't work you can try restarting your computer as well to see if that fixes the issue; if not let me know and I'll try to narrow it down from there.
  8. I think in this case the instance already provides enough reward as it is just from the monsters that spawn (and/or have a chance of spawning), especially for newbies which is what the instance is intended for. Also, while 1 Mithril Coin isn't much on its own, Zeny rewards do tend to add up over time (10 people per day would be ~300b added to circulation per month), so it is still something we need to be mindful of. We may add some other ways to obtain Zeny/MCs in the future via other daily activities, I just think that in this case it isn't necessary as an incentive since the instance already does provide a lot of usefulness for newbies. :o
  9. It's not exactly a newbie guide since WoE drops can be out of reach for a lot of new players; they'd normally gear up through other methods (non-epic quests, BG, etc) first before actually considering the epic gear quests. Pinning too many topics would somewhat defeat the purpose of pins, which is why we have the pinned Guides Directory that can be used to find any of the older guides. :o
  10. We were actually thinking of implementing an NPC that would allow bulk crafting of multiple items for a small Zeny cost (nothing huge), so dyestuffs and the Mixtures/Counteragents could be included in that. :o Are there any other items that you (or other players) might want to craft in bulk? We can put a list together and implement all of them at once when we're setting up the NPC.
  11. If you're using a skill, the element should follow whatever your right hand is using (unless you have an elemental converter active or the skill has its own element), for auto attacking it'll depend on which hand is currently attacking, with converters applying to both hands. Glad to hear you're enjoying all of the new content! It was a lot of work but it's great to finally have it all done, especially the new instance. As far as next steps go, right now I'm taking a little bit of a break (sort of...I end up working a little bit every day anyway just out of boredom LOL), but after that I'm probably going to focus mostly on trying to catch up with some our current development list and suggestions before getting too deep into more of the larger projects (other than the next instance as that was already being planned). We're working on some of the next balancing passes as well (currently working on Soul Linkers since they affect all of the other classes), and I also have some commissions in progress for future content (and headgears), including a map that will be used for our next custom instance. No ETA on that instance yet since it does of course depend on when we get the map, but we're planning to make it a harder instance that'll be focused more at older players than newbies this time. Over time we hope to release a number of these harder instances and eventually tie them to material collection for custom weapon quests, though given the difficulty of getting custom maps we may end up having to change (or delay) those specific plans. I'll be trying to take it easy for a little bit for health reasons, so most of the current plans are things that can be done in smaller batches, but we should be able to flesh out some of the details for the bigger projects over the next little while once I'm back to working on the server full time. :o
  12. This isn't currently against the rules, since as Saku mentioned it's pretty similar to Homunculus farming. It's worth noting as well that autoloot is only active for up to 3 hours, after which point it'll stop working for idle characters, so this has limited effectiveness if they aren't semi-regularly checking/moving their character.
  13. This seems somewhat unlikely unless you haven't played many servers, as it is the official (and default) behavior in Ragnarok. :o The vast majority of the trap effects are focused around utility. Viewing a set of skills for what they are isn't the same as ignoring them; utility is a great asset in team environments and without it most guilds would be wiped in a matter of seconds. Generally speaking Snipers weren't really designed as a DPS class (that's what Gunslingers are for if we're looking at ranged physical), they were designed primarily as a hybrid utility class, and that should be taken into account when looking at how to balance them. Sniper can already kite pretty well as it is if it's played correctly; allowing them to run over their own Ankle Snares / Skid Traps in particular would put that capability way over the top. Being a kiting class doesn't necessarily mean they should be outright impossible to catch. As far as affecting allies, that part is more up for debate and could be a decent compromise as I mentioned in my earlier reply, but would still need a considerable amount of feedback due to being a pretty big change, something that this topic unfortunately hasn't received much of so far. :(
  14. I sent it to the account that you created the original post with (hiyuu).
  15. Unfortunately we can't return the card to you, as this is something that would be considered the player's responsibility. :( As Hakyeon mentioned though, it's highly recommended to use @aloottype to autoloot all cards - you can set this to run every time you log in by speaking to the Kafra NPC in Caspen and selecting "Set Autocommands" (it's set per character, so you'll need to set it for each character you plan on farming MVPs with).