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  1. Since there's a bit of disagreement here, another option would be to have the item be disabled in PvP-enabled maps. That way it'd be purely for cosmetics and/or convenience in PvM without it being used as an additional inventory in BG/WoE. Curious to know if there's any interest from other players in this suggestion.
  2. A lot of newer players may not be aware of the recently added elixirs, so I figured I'd write up a quick guide about them! Hopefully this guide answers any questions you may have about them, and also helps to raise awareness about their existence since they can give you a bit of a competitive edge over other players. Introduction So, first of all, elixirs are custom consumables that provide temporary status effects. You can only use one at a time - using another Elixir will cancel the first one's effect. This means you generally only need to stock up on one or two of them for each class you use, though if you're lazy you can also just use Elixir of Vitality exclusively. Elixirs have a 10 minute duration and, like many statuses, the effects are lost when you die. You'll want to be careful about when you use them to avoid them being wasted if you die too quickly. Luckily, Elixirs are fairly easy to restock, as they're dropped by various monsters that can be farmed any time you like. You could probably also enslave hire a newbie or two to farm them for you. Effects and When to Use Them There are currently 6 different types of elixirs. Which ones you use and how you use them will vary depending on your class and play style. Elixir of Recovery: Recovers 1% of your max HP every 5 seconds while out of combat. Players are out of combat after they haven't dealt or taken damage for at least 10 seconds, meaning the first tick will apply 15 seconds after the last time you dealt/received damage. Obviously this isn't very useful while you're fighting, but it can be useful between fights, especially in WoE where there's more downtime after a fight. If you have some extra time to farm them (and some extras of your usual combat elixirs) they can help a lot with healing up after a teamfight by switching to the recovery elixir until you've fully recovered or another fight starts. Also worth noting that this effect does stack with Crusader Spirit's out-of-combat recovery effect. Elixir of Mentality: Recovers 2.5% of your max SP every 5 seconds while out of combat. Similar to the Elixir of Recovery, this is useful between fights in WoE (and sometimes in BG if you're not constantly fighting), especially if you're fighting opponents that use SP draining strategies. Elixir of Lifesteal: Recovers 5% of the physical damage you deal as HP (reduced to 1% for AoE/splash damage). This is a great option for any physical DPS class, especially if you're able to apply your damage relatively safely. Keep in mind that while this does have a 100% chance to recover HP with each attack, this does not replace a Solar Sword if you're using a typical lifesteal build, as its effect is totally separate from item-based lifesteal. Elixir of Soul Steal: Recovers 2.5% of the magic damage you deal as HP (reduced to 0.5% for AoE/splash damage). Same idea as the Elixir of Lifesteal, but for magic damage. Since magic classes typically apply their damage from a relatively safe range, this is a great way to extend your life a bit. As a minor note, you do not recover health from reflected magic; as it turns out, stealing your own soul unfortunately isn't possible. Elixir of Healing: Increases healing on allied targets by 10%. Pretty straightforward effect, though it should be noted that it does not affect yourself, only your allies, so it's not useful in a 1v1 situation. Having said that, it's pretty much the go-to option for High Priests and support Creators if you want to boost your healing abilities. Elixir of Vitality: Increases maximum HP by 5%. An important thing to note is that this effect is applied after all other health bonuses, meaning that it does affect bonus health granted by things like Tao Gunka Cards. If you have 2m HP with your full build, this elixir will increase it to 2.1m. This elixir works well on any class, and luckily is also the easiest to farm, so it works well as a "default" option if you don't want to use the other ones. In particular though it's optimal on tanky builds (especially Paladins), and on DPS classes that primarily deal misc type damage (like AD Creators) and don't benefit from the HP draining elixirs. Farming Elixirs are collected by farming them from various monsters. Actual farming times will vary based on your luck since they have fairly low drop rates, but I'll include some rough estimates here for reference, along with the optimal maps to farm each elixir. I offer no guarantees to their accuracy, but they're each based on the average rate of 3 test runs using either a Sniper or a High Wizard. You'll probably want to add all of these to your @autolootitem login list (speak to the Caspen Kafra to set this up). The item IDs are 50017 - 50022. The monster images are totally unnecessary but it makes my post look more colourful so I'm including them anyway to contrast with all this text. Elixir of Recovery: -Hill Wind (ra_fild05) - ~225/hour -Peco Peco (moc_fild02) - ~218/hour Elixir of Mentality: -Alarm (c_tower3) - ~180/hour -Bongun (pay_dun02) - ~147/hour Elixir of Lifesteal: -Ancient Mimic (tha_t02) - ~211/hour -Firelock Soldier (ama_dun01) - ~125/hour (this varies a lot depending on your luck because of how awkward the map is, and can be closer to 150-175/hour if you're lucky) Elixir of Soul Steal: -Bathory (alde_dun04) - ~212/hour -Gargoyle (gl_sew02) - ~140/hour (again, can vary a lot due to the awkward map layout) Elixir of Healing: -Errende Ebecee (lhz_dun02) - ~171/hour -Pasana (in_sphinx5) - ~163/hour Elixir of Vitality: -Stalactic Golem (beach_dun2) - ~295/hour -High Orc (alde_dun02) - ~276/hour (better than gef_fild14 due to mob density)
  3. First thing to clarify would be what Yuji said - there isn't currently an automated system for this, however I do occasionally remove a few shops manually. Generally speaking I base this off of the last time the owner of the shop logged in, even on other accounts; in other words the shops being removed are the ones owned by people who no longer play on the server, and not necessarily based on when the shop itself was actually opened (though this obviously has some overlap, so they are still old shops either way). Second thing would be that, while it is easy to do the math, seeing a sudden drop of 20 or more to the online count would potentially be concerning to a lot of players who haven't done the math prior to the autokick system being added. Even though it would make no difference to the actual activity on the server, they might think that a bunch of players suddenly quit overnight just based on the numbers. This is why I've been doing it a few at a time so it's more gradual (that being part of the reason the online count has decreased a bit over the last while, as has the vendor count) and not so "shocking" to players who don't realize that only vendors were removed. The intent was to eventually add an automated system (probably in stages) when it would have less of an immediate impact on the online count. With that being said we will be implementing an automated system in a later update, but for the time being I'll be removing a few shops at a time manually until it's at a more palatable number, and then set up the automated system to keep it going from there. Also, just another quick thing to point out, I'm personally not a fan of the server having a lot of vendors either and I do want to get rid of them since it skews the online count and feels "dirty." The only reason I'm doing it gradually is because the RO community in general has an annoying habit of screaming "dead server" at the top of their lungs the moment the online count dips, regardless of the reason for it, and doing it this way somewhat mitigates that while still achieving the same end goal.
  4. They're supposed to be 5 minutes. The bug was that they were lasting 10 minutes when they should have been lasting 5, so this does nerf their duration, though this update is still a buff for Battle Potions overall since they're no longer lost on death.
  5. Apologies for the late reply on this one - just wanted to give a quick clarification that this is because the room uses the same map rules/restrictions as standard castle maps, to make sure that it accurately reflects break times during an actual WoE. As you've already noticed no progress is lost with your pet, so the only cost is an extra Pet Incubator. :D
  6. Hi there! Today we've got a new batch of headgears, some tweaks to the new potions, and a few bug fixes and QoL changes to go with them. Server Updates Update: New headgears have been added Update: Battle Potions have had their price reduced from 5 -> 3 Battlegrounds Tickets each (price for box of 20 reduced from 75 -> 50) Update: Level 5 Fire Wall scroll's base price has been reduced from 75m -> 60m (45m discounted) in the Convenience Shop Update: Added @storetype and @gstoretype commands to store all items of a specified type Bugfix: @whosell and @whobuy will now properly take the shop currency into account when displaying price ranges Bugfix: Fixed castle drop fragments not being sent if a castle's Emperium was never broken Balancing Buff: Elixir of Healing's heal bonus has been increased from 5% -> 10% Bugfix: Fixed a bug that was causing Elixir of Healing to affect enemy targets as well Buff: Elixir of Recovery's recovery rate has been increased from 0.5%/5s -> 1%/5s Buff: Battle Potion effects will no longer be lost on death Bugfix: Fixed Battle Potions lasting 10 minutes instead of 5 Buff(?): Elixirs have had their official duration increased from 5 minutes -> 10 minutes (this is actually unchanged from the last update, it just means that it's not longer considered a bug and won't be reduced)
  7. Hi everyone! We're having a donation promo for the Easter weekend! All payments received between April 19, 00:00 - April 22, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know! Happy Easter! <3
  8. Hi, I just replied to the forum PM you sent me.
  9. Given the concern that Yuji brought up I do think the idea of an immunity timer (essentially a temporary "buff" after respawning) would likely be the better approach than the Basilica style idea. While people could still camp just outside the area, this would still make it a lot less efficient overall and should help to discourage spawn camping without any notable abuse cases. It could probably be set to something like a 15 second timer that then drops to 5 seconds the moment they leave the boat. Warping players back to their spawn if they hit someone with an immunity timer would be a bit much in my opinion (especially since they could in theory hit someone by mistake with an AoE), and while extremely niche, could potentially be used intentionally as a way to teleport to another area of the map. CTF and Stone Control would be a bit harder to implement this for, since the spawn areas are actually walking paths for a lot of scenarios and granting immunity here would likely be abusable as a result. I imagine this issue is less prominent in these modes though, since the map layout is a lot different. Splitting the other spawn points (aside from the ships) into multiple areas might have some unwanted effects in a number of cases, though the spawns could be changed to areas instead of a specific cell so there was at least a bit of variation there. Basing it on wins/losses would have the same issue that League's ranked system has, which is that the rankings would be almost entirely separate from individual skill/contribution even though it's solo (or duo) queue. To give an exaggerated example here, two players that duo for 100% of their games would have the exact same ranking even if one of them did absolutely nothing in all of their matches. If wins/losses were added in to the ranking factors they would have to be a pretty small part of it, since rankings should always be based primarily on individual stats unless teams are static. The rankings do already factor in objectives as well, so it isn't only kills/deaths (which is why points are listed separately from K/D), but doing so in a way that factored in players who helped claim the objectives would unfortunately be extremely difficult to do (detecting people who escort a flag holder in CTF, for example, would be almost impossible).
  10. As much as I do like this idea, I unfortunately don't think it's something we'd be able to implement. Even companies as big as Facebook have had difficulty implementing something like this, especially when it comes to slang and/or variations of spelling for certain words, and there don't appear to be any existing IPB extensions that do it. :( An alternative that they could use on their own side would be something like the Google Translate extension which can translate an entire page, though that of course still has the same flaws mentioned above.
  11. Combat dialogue includes other dialogue types too (random dialogue while attacking, which is particularly noticeable in places like the Gold Room), not just the critical HP dialogue. The original suggestion didn't actually make mention of the critical HP dialogue aside from one of the replies, while the rest seemed to be more around how spammy/annoying the pet dialogue was. In theory the critical HP dialogue could be viewed as a downside or trade-off for using a pet and getting the stat bonus, so I would think of it as a separate topic from the annoying pet spam; it could certainly be discussed in a new topic, though. No damage dealt or taken for at least 10 seconds - it works the same way as the updated Crusader Spirit effect. :o
  12. Oops, that would be why I felt like I was forgetting something in my notes. :( I've updated the post now to include that!
  13. Whoops, must have copied the wrong time value when setting those ones up, the actual duration is in fact supposed to be 5 minutes. This will be fixed in the next update - thanks for pointing it out!
  14. Nothing has actually been changed with when the pet dialogue occurs, or which dialogue, aside from combat dialogue being a bit less frequent/spammy. The command just hides all pet dialogue (including other people's pets) from you, but does not prevent your own pet from displaying dialogue to other people who don't have it hidden. Keep in mind that it can still be discounted, so using a Whitesmith/Stalker (or a VIP account) would lower the price to 56-57m each. We ended up keeping that price since there wasn't much feedback on that specific part of the suggestion topic, and using this price avoids making it completely pointless to farm them normally for players who don't mind the time it takes to do so. :o
  15. Hi everyone! Today we have a new rewards system for WoE, a bunch of new consumable items, and some quality of life updates to go with them! Also you can now make other people's pets shut up, which will probably be the highlight of this update for some of you. Server Updates Update: War of Emperium now includes a new rewards system for guilds that hold a castle for more than 5 minutes -For every 5 minutes that a guild holds a castle, the guild leader will received 1 Fragment of the Sun God -One additional fragment will be given for every 30 points of economy the castle has (up to 4 fragments every 5 minutes) -All fragments will be sent to the guild leader via mail at the end of WoE -Players can trade 7 Fragment of the Sun God for 1 Emblem of the Sun God by speaking to the WoE Manager -Total time will be added up across breaks, so holding a castle twice for 3 minutes will count for a total of 6 minutes -Hold time is counted per castle, so holding two castles separately for 3 minutes will NOT give rewards Update: Added Battle Potions to the Battlegrounds Shop for 5 Battlegrounds Tickets each, or 75 Battlegrounds Tickets for a box of 20 -Battle Potion of Attack - Increase Atk by 5% -Battle Potion of Magic - Increase MAtk by 5% -Battle Potion of Defense - Reduce all incoming physical damage by 5% -Battle Potion of Spirit - Reduce all incoming magic damage by 5% -Only one potion at a time can be in effect (using another potion from the set will cancel the previous potion's effect) -Effects last 5 minutes, cannot be dispelled, and are lost on death Update: Added Elixirs, which drop from various monsters at a 10% chance -Elixir of Recovery - Recover 0.5% of max HP every 5 seconds when out of combat - Hill Wind, Peco Peco -Elixir of Mentality - Recover 2.5% of max SP every 5 seconds when out of combat - Alarm, Bongun -Elixir of Lifesteal - Recover 5% of all physical damage dealt as HP (reduced to 1% for AoE/splash) - Ancient Mimic, Firelock Soldier -Elixir of Soul Steal - Recover 2.5% of all magic damage dealt as HP (reduced to 0.5% for AoE/splash) - Bathory, Gargoyle -Elixir of Healing - Increase healing effectiveness by 5% when healing others - Errende Ebecee (15% drop rate), Pasana -Elixir of Vitality - Increase maximum HP by 5% - High Orc, Stalactic Golem -Only one potion at a time can be in effect (using another potion from the set will cancel the previous potion's effect) -Effects last 5 minutes, cannot be dispelled, and are lost on death Update: Added Bulk Crafting NPC at caspen 179 223 Update: Added Combined Resist Potion (applies all 4 elemental resist potion effects), which can be crafted at the Bulk Crafting NPC Update: Added Level 5 Fire Wall scroll to the Convenience Shop for a base price of 75m Update: Added Catalyst Potion to the Convenience Shop for a base price of 2m, which has the same effect as a Mistress Card -Effect lasts 10 minutes, cannot be dispelled, and is lost on death Update: Added Potion of Greed to the Poring Coin Shop for 25 PCs, which increases Treasure Box drops in Forgotten Forest -Effect lasts 1 hour, cannot be dispelled, and is not lost on death Update: Added @petchat command to enable/disable the display of random pet dialogue (note that this simply hides it from your chat, it doesn’t prevent others from seeing your pet’s dialogue) Misc: Reduced the frequency of some types of random pet dialogue to make them less spammy Misc: Exit NPCs in the Dead Branch Rooms will now heal the player when clicked Bugfix: Fixed a bug that could cause guild storage to get locked in rare cases Bugfix: Fixed a bug with the Half-buried Gems in the Ring of the Wise King quest line that could prevent progressing through the quest if the player's inventory was full Balancing Buff: Mistress Card now affects Ninja stone requirements as well