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  1. Being unable to download something doesn't mean the connection is slow, it means the connection is unstable. This is often due to issues with the Internet provider, however it can also sometimes be a hardware issue on the user's side. Restarting the PC can sometimes correct issues with the user's network adapter, restarting the router can fix issues with the router. These are pretty standard troubleshooting steps for that type of situation, so I'm not entirely sure where you see a problem with them. In any case, as Yuji mentioned, if you'd like to provide a more detailed explanation of the issue you're experiencing I can help you fix it. Including one of the files from the "log" folder may help as well, if the client was able to produce one.
  2. Hi everyone! Today we've got some WoE changes to try to encourage more strategic gameplay, as well as somewhat limiting monopolies that can occur when one guild has a significant numbers advantage. Hopefully these will result in a healthier WoE environment, but we will of course be keeping an eye on things to see if any further tweaks are needed. Server Updates Update: A tutorial for new characters has been added for players that are new to RO (you can skip this by simply using @go 0 after creating a character) Update: Added new pet tames to the Poring Coin Shop -Cat o' Nine Tails -Forest Fairy (both colours) -Ghostring -Gold Poring (all variations) -Lady Solace -Mastering -Mavka Update: Guild cap has been reduced from 24 -> 20 (guild window will still show 24 during transitional period, but guilds won't be able to invite if they have 20 or more members) Update: Emperium's base HP has been increased from 30m -> 40m Update: Emperium's bonus HP has been increased from 1,000 per castle defense level -> 100,000 per castle defense level (50m max at 100 defense) Update: Side castle defense investment is now limited to once per day (main castles unchanged) Update: Emperium will now receive 50% bonus healing if it hasn't taken damage for at least 10 seconds Update: Link Flags to the Emperium Center in WoE 2.0 now share the same delay as the entrance flags Update: Repairing a Guardian Stone or Barricade now resets your flag delay Update: Added Elemental Reset Scroll to the Poring Coin Shop (box of 5 for 1 Poring Coin) Update: Added Elemental Reset Scroll to the Donation Shop (box of 100 for 100 DCs) Update: Added Unlimited Elemental Reset Scroll to the Donation Shop (500 DCs) Misc: Item Appraisal can now be used while sitting Balancing Buff: Quagmire will now cancel out Speed Potions and Authoritative Badges Nerf: Santuary will now only heal 30 HP per tick for the flag in Battlegrounds Nerf: All other healing skills will now only heal 10 HP per cast for the flag in Battlegrounds Nerf: Auto Guard's proc rate has been reduced from 30% -> 25% Nerf: Heal now has a 300ms cooldown (note that this only affects flinch / animation cancel healing, as the animation delay is already 800ms) Buff: Mana Recharge's SP cost reduction has been increased from 20% -> 40% Nerf: Spiral Pierce's stop effect is now blocked by knockback immunity
  3. Just to clarify, Crit ignoring Def is official behaviour - it's not normal for it to increase damage by 40% (unless that's a Renewal mechanic, but those don't apply here). As Yuji mentioned, Incantation is no longer needed if you're using Crit. There aren't any cards for ignoring Boss monster Def; there is Ahlspiess for Lord Knights / Paladins, though I doubt it would be worth using over other weapons. Bloody Revolver also ignores a small amount of Boss monster Def. Generally speaking though if you intend to auto attack them, a Crit build is going to be your best bet. Mixing Turtle General and Abysmal Knight Cards will result in lower damage than just using Abysmal Knight Cards, so the simplest option for a Crit build would just be 1x The Paper Card and 3x Abysmal Knight Card for 210% damage. If you find another 20% card (not Turtle General) to mix in there you can get it up to 216%.
  4. While it does to a small extent encourage zerging, I think it more so encourages wiping the defending guild, which normally isn't the intent of zerg rushing. It could also be looked at the other way around, in that it discourages "defensive zerging," where guilds are essentially just using numbers instead of strategy to hold the castle. Also worth noting that there's actually other changes being implemented in the next update to help discourage zerging, which should more than offset any effect this change might have to encourage it. :o
  5. This looks like it may be a permission error, or possibly a file lock error; you should be able to fix the issue by restarting your computer, though you may also need to make sure you're running the patcher as an administrator. If it still gives the same error, you could also try temporarily disabling your antivirus while patching in case it's a conflict with that. :o
  6. It actually doesn't; in the vast majority of cases even 0.99 would round down to 0. Nearly everything in RO's source code simply casts to an integer instead of rounding or using floats, which means the decimal just ends up being dropped. There's very few cases where it uses proper rounding, though I'm not entirely sure why they chose to do it that way. A lot of stuff in RO can't even be stored with decimals, including anything used in NPC scripts (like the BG Ladder script). The typical workaround is to instead have 10 = 1 point so 5 can be used as a half point for example, so the two options here would either be refactoring all of the code (including on the website) to use that, or adding a separate system that tracks partial points and applies them later.
  7. I think you may be severely overestimating the server's income. Unfortunately even with just me, the server doesn't bring in enough to pay myself minimum wage for the hours I work, never mind pay a second person. This is why it confuses when some people suggest that I only care about the money - if I only wanted money I'd be doing literally anything else with my time. I run this server both because I'm passionate about RO and because it's been a great way for me to learn and improve my development capabilities. Of course if it made a decent income then that would be great as well, and would likely give me a bit more freedom to devote more of my time to it, but currently that's not the case. That being said, if the server did have enough income to hire another dedicated dev I would, but unfortunately that's not possible, and likely wouldn't be unless the server's monthly income was at least 4x higher than it currently is.
  8. Unfortunately due to our client version this wouldn't actually be possible to implement (sadly it's not as simple as just pulling it from a newer client and patching it onto ours). Updating the client version wouldn't be a viable option either because of the enormous amount of changes/testing required - most of our custom client features are specifically set up for our current client version, so updating it would require updating and retesting every single client change we have, among other things (updating our client data, testing multiple new clients to find a stable one, updating some parts of the server core, etc). It might be possible to do this via a skill/item as Vulpecula mentioned, and have it configured via NPC instead of the skill window, but it would be significantly more awkward due to not having a visual UI - everything would be done via NPC dialogue/menus in that case, and then probably an @command to list your current item sets in chat. Curious if people would still be interest in this kind of a set up given the reduced convenience of it, as well as what kind of restrictions might be good to include for the people that feel that swapping a full set of gear with one hotkey would be too much, assuming the feature did get added.
  9. I did look into it a while back, but it'd require a lot more digging through the client; I still intend to come back to it later and get something in place for this, I just don't currently have enough time to dedicate to it. :(
  10. This is an idea I would actually support, since it mitigates the effect of duo queues on the ladder without removing a unique feature of the server that, as I've stated in previous topics, has a number of benefits that people are overlooking. Might be a little awkward to code since, for example, kills give 1 point at the time of the kill (not at the end of the match), but I could probably try to set up a system to keep track of partial points and apply them once they've earned a full point in that case.
  11. Prepped for the next update. The link flags won't be disabled based on objectives, but they will share the same delay as the outside entrance flags (with the exception of the flags by the Emperium), which should accomplish the same goal. Repairing Guardian Stones or Barricades will reset the delay so guild members don't get stuck after repairing. To give some clarification on the decision here, there were 2 reasons I chose to go with the delay instead of disabling based on objectives. The first is that I think the delay is simpler / more consistent, and doesn't need any awkward workarounds like the grace period after a barricade falls, which means it's clearer to players how the system works - either the delay is active for them or it isn't (and the flags will tell them how long is left), and it's the same as the system that already exists for entrance flags. The second reason is that the code for WoE 2.0 is pretty messy, and doing the objective-based disabling would require significantly more time to set up & fully test, so doing the delay instead allows me to get the update out faster. If the delay setup ends up not being sufficient, feel free to open up a new topic after the update and we can discuss changing it to what was originally proposed here or something else. Could also potentially discuss the length of the delay if needed, since I do know that some players felt that it could be a bit longer than 90 seconds.
  12. Prepped for the next update (except for Bloody Knight due to its size). All tames will be available in the Poring Coin Shop, with the Gold Porings sharing a universal taming item so you can catch whichever one you want. :D Also included both colours of Forest Fairy to go with Mavka.
  13. Prepped for the next update. Will be added as a custom client command (/norightclick or /nrc) so it can be toggled on/off at any point.
  14. Prepped for the next update. While development time is often a concern for some of these smaller changes, in this case the code is already in place and all that was required was adding the skill ID. :D