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  1. This is a bit of an odd bug with rAthena after reloading the item database to fix another bug; unfortunately fixing this ends up bugging @whodrops in a different way, which is generally the more important command, so I figured it was better to leave it this way for the time being. It'll automatically correct itself after the next server restart. :o
  2. If he sends me a forum PM with the character name that he created the boots on, I can mail him 250 Poisonous Toad Skins LOL.
  3. Just a quick heads up that the Poisonous Toad Skin requirement for Nazeer's Boots is actually supposed to be 50, not 300 (there was a typo in the script) - just fixed that in-game now. Sorry about that! Also, the Necklace of Wisdom requirement for Kazareth's Shoes has been updated to 50 instead of 100, seems like I was unusually lucky with drops when I tested that one (I had 3 runs at an average of 10/1:05, but the actual average after further testing seems closer to about 2:15, oops).
  4. Ayy, we made it! It's been a long time since our last update, but we've got a bunch of new content for everyone, with a fairly sizable client patch coming alongside it! Server Updates Update: New epic gear quests have been added Update: New headgears have been added Update: New achievements have been added -Unfortunately, due to the way the achievements system works, these achievements will not be unlocked retroactively with the exception of Animal Lover applying up to 10 tames from the Pet Whisperer achievement (sorry Jus10, I hope your suffering is plentiful when you read the OCD achievement) Update: New titles have been added Misc: Added 5 more walking NPCs to the Adventurer's Guild Hall (these ones can use portals and will wander around the entire building :D) Bugfix: Fixed a few minor pathfinding bugs for walking NPCs Bugfix: Fixed the Battlegrounds duo queue system allowing players to duo queue with a baby/non-Rebirth version of their class Bugfix: Fixed a bug that was causing the Casual Guild skill to re-apply itself after a server restart if it had previously been removed Balancing Just a minor change today! We've removed Tarot Card from the list of skills that Ring of Resonance can autocast to remove one of the main RNG factors in PvP fights, as we feel that while RNG is a pretty big part of RO, Tarot Card in particular is just too much of an inconsistency. Nerf: Ring of Resonance no longer autocasts Tarot Card of Fate Client This part of the update almost ended me please send help. This section is listed in the patcher notes as well, but I decided to include some of it here since this is a pretty big update! Update: The client now includes a custom integrated client recorder so everyone can record videos without needing 3rd party software (see this post for more info) Update: Added /clearpmlist (seriously why isn't this a default feature) and /showfps commands Website Update: Added a new page to search through headgear previews Update: Updated the website's item database to show where headgears can be obtained Bugfix: Fixed the website's item database not displaying slot counts correctly
  5. As posted in today's update announcement, our client now has a fully integrated client recorder! This is currently considered to be in open beta status, meaning it's expected that some bugs may come up, though we've tried to fix as many as possible during closed beta. This recorder is different from the typical RO recorder, because ours will output to an MP4 file rather than a file that only the RO client can read. This means it can easily be shared with others / uploaded to YouTube, and also that recordings can't be broken by future updates. Hopefully this update will make it easier for players to share their experiences on the server! Of course, as anyone that's actually tried using recording software before probably already knows, getting the settings right for decent recording can be pretty complicated. I've tried to set it up to use reasonable quality settings depending on the user's CPU, but it will likely need some tweaking, which we will try to do in upcoming patches as we receive feedback from everyone! You can check out the Client Recording wiki page for more info, which also includes some details on manually tweaking the quality settings, if you would like to do so, as well as some other settings like enabling/disabling the recording of audio (both output and input audio). If you run into any issues, or if the default quality settings don't work for you, you can help us out by sending the following: -The corresponding log file found in <aRO Folder>/video/log/ which will have the same name as the video file -The recording_log.txt file found in your AnomalyRO folder, if it exists -Your anomaly_record.cfg file as it was at the time of the issue, found in your AnomalyRO folder -A description of the issue that you're experiencing, with as many details as possible -(Optional) A working anomaly_record.cfg file, if you find settings that resolve the issue -(Optional) An example video file, if you think it would help clarify the issue Anyways, that about covers it! Happy recording!
  6. Hi! Sorry for the delay - can you try setting the resolution to 1920x1080 or smaller? The RO client actually has a limit to the resolution it can render at - if setting it to a smaller one works then I'll need to look into it a bit further and see if it's possible to remove that limit from the client, but unfortunately I can't provide an ETA on this yet as I'm not entirely sure how the limit is applied. Playing on a smaller window size should hopefully act as a workaround for now though. Opening the AnomalyRO Settings app (or clicking Settings in the patcher) and changing the Display Mode to Borderless or Full Screen may fix the issue as well while allowing a larger resolution, though I'm not 100% sure if it'll work for you (it does seem to work when running my monitor at 1440p, though it doesn't natively support that resolution so I'm not sure if it might act differently on other monitors).
  7. The winners for March-May have been selected! First Place: @Bob Second Place: @Dusle Third Place: @TTTWWW Prizes have been mailed to each of the winners - thank you to everyone who posted new guides and wiki content! Submissions for the next round are being accepted and new winners will be selected at the start of next month. <3
  8. The next update should be pretty soon, hopefully this week (if not then it'll be early next week). It got delayed a bit because a lot of the work over the last few weeks has been going into a big client update which should be coming out pretty soon as well, it's just going through some final testing/cleanup. The new armors I can't quite give an ETA yet, but we have made a small start on it already and it'll be the main focus of development as soon as the epic gear quests & client update are done, so probably another 2 or 3 updates after this next one if things go as planned. It's definitely something I'd like to get out as soon as possible, especially now that I'll be able to shift some focus off of client updates once the patch is in. :D
  9. Adding this after I typed the rest; I apologize for how long this post ended up being LOL. I'm not sure how many SHRs you've played, but the vast majority of them (especially multi-slotted servers) end up with a standard set of "meta" end-game gear that's used on virtually every class. Most often you'll see the exact same headgears, armors, shields, garments and footgears used on every single viable PvP/WoE class, with only a few minor variations in headgear cards, weapons, and accessories (usually only separated by magic vs physical vs misc damage type). This is one of the few SHRs where there's actually quite a lot of variance in build paths, though of course there are still some more common/popular builds (usually based on their simplicity), though some things will always be standard (resist cards in garments, for example). To give a few examples though: -Headgear enchantments allow for fine tuning specific builds; for example multiple paths to Freeze immunity (enchantments, cards, or MDef/Luk) -The Battlegrounds armors offer some variation in builds, with some opting for something like Sorcerer's Robe for easier Pharaoh swaps after being SP drained, while others use one of the other armors either for some protection against magic (Glass Armor) or utility (Loki's) or just raw DPS from the 3 stat armors. -Many players use Angeling or Ghostring after first tier armor swap, while some use things like Wind armor for different resist builds, as well as a few other armor cards that can be used for specific build paths / situations -Garments have quite a bit of variation with some using Glass Bracer or Shadow Garb for general resists, some using Vali's Manteau or Goibne's Spaulders for more targeted resists (such as Acid Demonstration), and others using Sorcerer's Manteau for the same reason as the armors. There's other garments as well that I've seen used but those are the main ones atm as far as I'm aware. -Due to Thanatos Card and Combat Knife changes, weapons have a lot of variation and can be something like a Blade or Composite Bow for max DPS (4 damage cards), Combat Knife for tankiness, Solar Sword for lifesteal build, Immaterial Sword for SP sapping and Ghost element, or elemental weapons (to avoid Dispell cancelling out converters) -Shields actually vary a bit as well, though they're a bit more standardized as they're typically made up of various combinations of GTB, Thara Frog, and Maya, with the shield itself generally being either Valk or Platinum Shield -Accessories vary most often between Brisingamen (for the MDef mainly) or stat belts (for damage), though Azula's Ring is obviously best in class for High Priests and can be used by tanks due to its Holy resist, while Baphomet's Ring is a great pick against healer comps (Snipers, for example, can apply Critical Wounds pretty well with this) You'll also see some variations in stat builds, especially with MDef and Luk since those affect both Freeze and Stone Curse resistance, and with Vit for those that want high risk tankiness (weak to Thanatos but only if someone notices and takes advantage of it). We may look at some ideas to encourage other variations here as well, though I'm not 100% sure on that part yet. Obviously there's still a lot of room for improvement here, but I do think you're overlooking the fact that on most super high rate servers, very few equip slots have any real variation once a player is fully geared - most of the variation is seen in resist setups (which exist here as well) while everything else ends up being pretty standardized. Low/mid rates are of course a lot different in that regard, but that's a very different scenario due to level/stats typically being capped at somewhere between 99-150 as opposed to 255-999. With that being said, like I said in my previous post we are planning to add new footgears & accessories in the next update with more planned for the future, but there is also a plan to add a new tier of armors soon (crafted from the BG armors to be direct upgrades) which may add some more variation, as well as new garments that will be released down the road as well. Ultimately the goal isn't necessarily to have everyone using a completely unique build, but to have options available for a variety of play styles and build styles so that even if, for example, stat belts remain the best accessory for pure DPS builds, other accessories will open the door for utility builds, support builds, etc. Saku covered this in his reply, but to give a bit of extra insight, the removal of the Def penetration alone would have done very little to stop SinX from abusing the item, as they don't require damage cards. Putting an Incantation Samurai into it wouldn't have sacrificed very much for them overall. There's also the fact that SinX wasn't the only class benefiting from the weapon; tanky classes were using it to get levels of resist that made it difficult to balance around them, so this change also helped to mitigate that a bit and make it easier to justify other changes / new items without worrying about how over the top Combat Knife's effect was. It's still a useful weapon as it is now though, especially on classes who don't need the damage anyway, it's just not the indisputable best item anymore on classes that don't need to use damage cards. As I mentioned this is a default Ragnarok thing; they normally shouldn't be able to do this, but a lot of servers do customize it. Unfortunately allowing rebirth skills on Stalkers would open up some pretty major concerns, with one of the most prominent examples being Acid Demonstration - currently the only thing that really keeps Acid Demonstration barely okay is the fact that Creators are (mostly) locked to Neutral damage, making it very predictable. Stalkers on the other hand are, as you mentioned, a lot more versatile, and could abuse AD a lot more effectively than Creators can. There are some other concerns as well but that would be the biggest one that I can think of off the top of my head. We definitely do want to encourage other builds for them though, and will be discussing them more in-depth in future balancing discussions to see what we can do for them to open up more build paths without making their already effective melee builds too powerful. As a minor spoiler, one of the footgears in the next update will actually work very nicely on bow Stalkers, so that should be another step in the right direction here, though we do still plan to look at other options for later updates. Overall it sounds like you do have a similar goal to the ones we have on the balancing team - we want to encourage a wider range of builds, and while I do believe that we've done a good job of that so far in comparison to other SHRs, I do still agree with you that there's more that could be done in this regard, which is why it's something we've been discussing and working on with the balancing team. Hopefully our upcoming updates will be a step in the right direction with what you're looking for, but I do look forward to hearing more feedback from you as you continue to play! (I'm unfortunately leaving in a bit of a rush and haven't been able to proofread this my usual 5-10 times before submitting, apologies if there's multiple spelling/grammar errors here oops)
  10. Hi, sorry for the late reply! This error occurs when running the client in a virtualized environment (such as a Sandboxie or VirtualBox). Unfortunately they're not supported by our client at this time, so you'll need to run the client directly on your system. If you're not using a virtual machine on purpose, but you're using Windows 10 Pro, you may need to disable Hyper-V to get the client to work. You can do that by following these steps: 1) Open the Start Menu and search "Windows Features", then click "Turn Windows features on or off" 2) Uncheck "Hyper-V" in the list 3) Click OK to save the changes and restart your computer You can re-enable it at any time by following these same steps and checking it instead of unchecking it, so it's safe to make this change if you're not currently using Hyper-V for anything.
  11. First of all, thanks for posting this! While it's often hard to keep up with suggestions from a development perspective, we love hearing feedback from players and getting an idea of what we should prioritize / what we can improve on. Miss Vanjie already covered a number of points so I'll skip a few things, but hopefully I can offer a bit more insight into both the reasons for some of these changes and plans for the future. Professor and High Wizard, as Miss Vanjie mentioned, are still extremely powerful at the moment - even with the HWC nerfs and MDef builds being popular, High Wizards still deal the highest damage in the game during Battlegrounds. Both Professors and High Wizards also have a ton of utility to offer, but their damage is by no means weak, which is exactly why a lot of players still opt for higher MDef. Star Gladiator hasn't gone through a full balancing pass yet, so I'll openly admit that they're not in a good state currently. We do plan to balance them in a future update, though I'm unfortunately not able to provide an ETA for this yet. Stalkers aren't actually supposed to be able to copy transcendent skills. By default they can only copy non-rebirth ones; servers that allow copying rebirth skills do so as a custom change. Having said that, while you are right that FSK is the most popular choice for them, they don't necessarily need to play as a tank. They act primarily as a very potent debuffer (especially against healing comps, which they directly counter) and basically want to be as annoying as possible to the enemy team. This does leave melee as the most viable option for them at the moment, but we have recently made some changes to encourage other build paths (bow/magic Stalkers) and hope to make more changes for that in the future as well. I'd personally argue the opposite for headgears. I've played far too many servers where every single PvPer wears the exact same headgear set, or at the very least the selection of "viable" headgears is so small that there's basically just a few looks that everyone has. That feels bland to me, and restricts a player's ability to express themselves. Having said that, I think what you're looking for in this regard is our headgear enchantments. Instead of having headgear diversity lie in the headgears themselves (and ending up with the issue I mentioned), our diversity comes from the enchantments. This allows players to make different builds while still being able to look the way they want to. Also, as Rhapsody mentioned, it prevents any concerns of donation gear potentially being better than other gears. The epic gears do include Azula's Ring and Baphomet's Ring, both of which are viable items (Azula's on healers and possibly tanks, Baphomet's typically on ranged physical to counter healer comps). We definitely agree that there could be more options though, which is exactly why the next update will include 6 new epic gears (3 footgears, 3 accessories). :D We plan to add more in the future as well, so that list will grow over time. As far as classes having some items in common, this is something that as far as I'm aware occurs on basically every server, especially SHRs. In fact, out of all the SHRs I've played (and I've played SHRs for about 10 years total), this server has had the most diversity in builds (and classes, actually) that I've seen so far because it's an explicit goal that we've had with our balancing, and the build diversity should only improve as time goes on and we add more equipment in later updates. I'll just briefly explain these adjustments in point form: -Thanatos Card: This is to avoid exactly the issue you mentioned above; an unmodified Thanatos Card means that literally every single player in the game will wear either a Grimtooth or a Spike to reduce their Def (this happens in most SHRs). The new effect simply makes it based on the target's actual Vit, which is actually a buff to its consistency since it essentially means that full tank builds (high Vit) have no reliable way to nullify a Thanatos Card, even if its maximum damage is technically lower. -Thara Frog Card: This is simply to account for the increased slot count, since shields have 2 slots instead of the usual 0-1. -Combat Knife: Unfortunately this was necessary due to the slot changes here; the weapon could be very heavily abused by classes that didn't need damage cards (SinX being the main offender here), leaving absolutely no diversity in their builds - every single one of them would use a Combat Knife to have both full DPS and tankiness at once. We opted to change it to a weapon that was more focused on tankiness rather than letting it do everything. -GTB Card: Leaving this unmodified, especially on a 2-slotted server, would render all magic classes completely useless. The card itself is still useful, but has a specific use rather than being an instant magic nullification. -High Wizard Card: Again, this is to address your concern above - leaving High Wizard Card as it was (especially without an MPen cap) would make MDef entirely useless. The nerf allows for greater build diversity by allowing players to choose whether or not they want to sacrifice anything for higher MDef. -Tao Gunka Card: Same point as above, since -30 MDef would effectively make HWCs pointless altogether (they would actually end up reducing magic damage in a lot of cases). I'll skip the bits about WoE since both of the posts above addressed these points, but do feel free to let me know if you have any other concerns/questions regarding that. :) Hopefully I've helped to clarify some of the thought process behind the changes we've made, but if you have any other feedback, or disagree with anything in particular that's been mentioned here, please let us know! I do recommend trying out the server a while longer though so you can see the different builds that are currently in use and get a better feel for what the meta looks like, since I do think a few of your concerns come mainly from the fact that you haven't seen some of these classes / different builds in action yet.
  12. Hi, unfortunately the cause of this error is somewhat difficult to narrow down, though I think the first thing to try in this case would be changing your system locale. We've had a couple players in the past that fixed this same error message by doing so (I'm not entirely sure what causes this as I can change to different system locales without issue on my system). To change your system locale, open up the Start Menu and type "Region," then hit Enter to open the Region settings. Go to the Administrative tab, and under "Language for non-Unicode programs" click "Change system locale," then select English (United States). After restarting your computer you can try starting the client again to see if it works. If the error still shows up you can change the system locale back to the old setting. As a note, if the above Start Menu search doesn't work, you can also get to the Region settings via PC Settings. You'll need to translate this to your system language, but the path to that is PC Settings -> Time & Language -> Language and then click "Administrative language settings" on the right. If changing the system locale doesn't work, can you check if a file named crash_log.txt exists in your AnomalyRO folder, and if so post that here as well?
  13. No problem! Just as an additional note, every equip that's available in the mall is also available through other NPC shops, so any time there's an item with multiple copies (slotted vs non-slotted), the mall will sell whichever one is sold via NPC rather than the one that's dropped by monsters.
  14. There's actually two of each rod, which you can see on RMS - you need the ones that are 1-slotted by default for the combo (the +Int one is dropped by Bloody Knight and Katrinn). :o
  15. Bit of an update to this, I've added a new page to the website that may help with this: https://www.anomalyro.com/item/preview/ It won't show as many headgears at once as the wiki does (since the wiki pages display the entire shops), but it has a few advantages that address some of the points made here. 1) Allows customizing the preview character so you can see the headgears on different classes/palettes 2) Allows looking at multiple shops at once (you can select both BG and Donation, for example) 3) Allows filtering by headgear location in case you're only looking for a new mid etc 4) Allows filtering by name, so for example you can search "Blue" if you're looking for something specific 5) Shows animated previews instead of the static previews that the wiki shows, so animated headgears will be displayed properly With that being said it does have a few limitations as well. 1) Ordering isn't the same as NPCs or wiki (it's ordered by name instead of being manually sorted) 2) Probably slower than the wiki if you're not using the filters mentioned above 3) Not all headgears include their colour in the name, so searches can be a bit limited Hopefully this is helpful to some people in those situations where the limitations aren't an issue, but if you have any suggestions to improve it please feel free to let me know!