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  3. Hi everyone, just wanted to give a heads up that the forums will be shutting down on February 15, so if there's any content that you want to save make sure you do so before then. Not many people are still using the forums, but to those that end up reading this, thank you again for supporting the server!
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    How's everyone!?

    Hi Guys how's everyone doin' ?? I miss ya'll, hopping that everyone is fine and doing well
  5. roqueapaga

    Just checking

    Been hopping from forums to forums of servers that still exist despite the closing of the server only to checkout your memories you guys had that shared in your gallery ( screenshots).
  6. Sad I missed it! Thank you for the journey from Inertia to Anomaly! It truly had the best memories. This server will always have a special place in my heart, always. Best wishes on your future endeavors, Perry!
  7. I'm glad to see you finally exiting the RO scene, Perry. I'd still like to extend both my thanks, for both Inertia and Anomalry, as well as congratulations on two very good server runs.
  8. omg im jst a little bit late, was too bz in real life...& now im jst too late to even say goodbye to so many close ones here, & didnt get any farewell pic together...
  9. Dear Peryy...many thanks alot for a many years during covid and and those MCO ...this game is entertaining my whole family, I recently sad to hear about closing this server. my kids will missing their character as well those pets RIP anomaly RO such a good memoirs will have all those chars and event game. Many thanks again.
  10. best screenies in my signature
  11. my winnings against papa only few hours apart XD
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