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  3. Multiple guides and/or wiki pages from the same player are considered a single, combined entry; while we don't explicitly score them (we use a voting system in the staff Discord), it would effectively give you more "points" for the amount/usefulness of the information.
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  5. Can I win all 3 places if I write 3 guides? bouta drop some fresh guides for da newbz
  6. The winners for June-October have been selected! First Place: @Sakuretsu Second Place: @Bob Third Place: @rozzy Prizes have been mailed to each of the winners - thank you to everyone who posted new guides and wiki content! Submissions for the next round are being accepted and new winners will be selected once enough entries have been received. <3
  7. The missile knows where it is at all times. It knows this because it knows where it isn’t. In this guide, I will attempt to create a low consummable cost build for harvesting mithril ores at bio lab 4. The plan is to be able to kill every last one of them, including the stalkers that always seem to accumulate in large populations. Gear setup In all cases, you want the highest refine level, and the highest numbered enchants you can afford. Best, Mid level, Worst, Required Headgears: All 3 custom headgears of your choice Shotgun: Gate Keeper-DD This bad boy increases your defense by 1 every refine level. Revolver: Wasteland’s outlaw The bloody revolver offers nothing more than the wasteland’s outlaw when farming in bio4. Armor: Elite shark leather armor A >> Shark leather armor >> Goibne’s armor Dex boosts help your damage Footgear: Kazareth’s shoes >> Sleipnir >> Celerity boots >> Vidar’s boots Movement speed is the best stat in the entire game. Garment: Goibne's spaulders >> Glass bracers >> Ragamuffin manteau EDIT: The enemies are not bosses so shark leather cape will not work. Goibne's ranged reduction, which should affect the most damage you'll receive. Accessories: 2 Dex belts >> 2 Sorcerer’s rings Dex belt will deal more damage, but sorcerer rings will adapt better to 2 pharaohs and 3 kiels, bringing both sp cost and cooldown reductions to 100. Ammunition: Silver bullets x10, Bloody shell x10 Consummables: Elixir of lifesteal Headgear enchantments: Defense, Offense, Utility Top headgear: Shadow resistance, Physical damage against non-boss, Reduce freeze duration Mid headgear: HP, Physical damage against ghost element, Reduce freeze duration Low headgear: Neutral resist, Increase dex, Reduce freeze duration Must have a total of atleast 100 reduce freeze duration. Cards: Headgear: Pharaoh x2 + kiel x3 + 1 durathor >> Pharaoh x2 + kiel x3 + permeter The first set of cards here assume the usage of dex belts. If using sorc rings, the durathor card will be useless since you would already have 100%. Full buster and desperado have a really high SP cost for the gunner’s max SP, so it’s good to have sp reduction. Armor: Gloom + RSX >> Angeling + RSX If you want to play with more risk and eliminate some of the enemies faster, gloom will work wonders. Angeling however will give you more all-around resistances and help you survive better when you get ganked. However, you really do want to be unmoveable, when you don’t want to move. Boots: Moonlight Flower + Matyr You won’t be needing much more HP. Best to get the extra movement speed. Plus you won't be needing authoritative badges, which is the purpose of this build. Garment: Noxious + Isis Using an angeling card makes you more susceptible to shadow attacks, but slightly resistant to almost every elements (25% resist). Isis card will help you get rid of that weakness. For noxious card, the most damage you will ever take is from ranged attack with what I’m about to show you. Accessory: Poison spore + poison toad x3 Poison spore card allows you to use envenom, and poison toads increase the knockback of envenom by 5 cells per card. This will allow you to keep the enemies that deal the most damage to you out of range: Lord knights, Whitesmiths, Sinxs. You could also use the gunslinger skill Dust, but it only has a knockback range of 5 cells. Weapons: Incantation samurai + Turtle general All-purpose weapon cards for minimal weapon switching, both weapons should have those cards. Important skills / items on your bar (place them in a way you’re comfortable with): Shotgun and Revolver, Full buster, Desperado, Envenom, Silver bullet, Bloody shell, Full chemical protection scroll (unlimited), Elixir of life steal. Stat setup Dex: 500 Agi: Increase until 193 attack speed with the shotgun, then add an extra 30 agility. Str: 200 Vit: 350 If you are not using sorcerer's rings, put the rest in int >> luk, else put the rest in vit >> luk >> int General strategy Keep FCP and elixir of lifesteal up at all times. You want to be taking enemies one by one. I tend to only use teleport commands when I get swarmed by too many enemies. When you take one enemy at a time, you will be able to keep your HP high by draining theirs with the lifesteal potion, and that's all you should need. Generally, I use full buster at the longest range that I can use it from. Here is how to deal with each of the enemies specifically: Lord knight / Whitesmith: Same procedure for both, align them in a way that a knockback with envenom will make them go very far. Once they get into melee range, use envenom to push them back, then use full buster until dead. Envenom can only be used in melee. Whitesmiths automatically use pneuma, but they will step out of it quickly enough. Assassin cross: Switch to silver bullet. Full buster until dead. They die even faster with a gloom card. If they catch you by surprise by cloaking switch to the revolver and use desperado instead. Sniper: Full buster until dead. Gunslinger: Switch to bloody shell. Full buster until dead. Prioritise them as targets if there are multiple enemies attacking you. Dies faster when using gloom card. Stalker: Switch to silver bullet. These guys are the most fun because no paladin wants to kill them, but they are easiest to kill for gunners. Bio 4 often becomes very populated with stalkers. You can easily take multiple stalkers and use desperado on them. Full buster until dead otherwise. Professor / wizard: Full buster until dead. Stay at the longest distance you can, but don’t move into melee just to do envenom. They deal alot of damage when they reach their bolting range. Alternative builds This build and it’s strategies can very well be adapted to the sniper class, except using all the different arrows that are available to you, and using a sharpshooting build for multi target damage. If using a sniper, I recommend using a composite bow with an incantation samurai card, 2 turtle general cards and a hydra card. I’ll make a video demonstration in the near future, but my wrist is hurting and I can’t spam full buster.
  8. Absolutely, just hop on a plane and hand it to me in person and I'll manually process it for you. :)
  9. Hey do you take quarters in excess? I got like $40 in a coin purse
  10. Hi everyone! Sorry for the somewhat short notice on this one, but we'll be having a Halloween promo again this year. :D All payments received between October 28, 00:00 - November 3, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. These bonuses will also apply to our Alternative Donation Methods, so you're free to use those as well if you're unable to use PayPal! If you have any questions please feel free to let me know! Happy Halloween!
  11. Shall I farm like a madlad again...
  12. Please, love me. You know who you are. Even if we speak different languages we can make it happen.
  13. Hi everyone! Just wanted to give a quick reminder that the Halloween headgear quests will be starting on October 25, 00:00, and will be available until November 4, 00:00. They'll be the same quests as last year, so you can already start preparing for them if you like - and yes, leftover special drops from last year will still work as well! The next update likely won't be in before the quests start as it's a pretty big update, but we're working on a new custom instance for it to get some more PvM content in soon. <3 Happy Halloween!
  14. Let's meet in BG, Senpais /gg *twitch twitch*
  15. Bob

    How to Find the Rarest MVP

    @dirtysin oh don't mind me, it's just funny how in this day and age, some guys are still gullible. My philosophy is: All players are guys until proven otherwise. ^ Gender equality /gg
  16. O.O??? idk what to say abt this... LOL
  17. Just a small update today, as this was primarily a maintenance update to prepare for the upcoming new instance, but we do have a few new headgears and the @restock command! :D Server Updates Update: New headgears have been added Update: Added @restock -A list of up to 10 items & amounts can be saved for automatic restocking -Items will be restocked automatically upon entering a town map or manually by using @restock -Items CANNOT be restocked on PvP-enabled maps, meaning proper inventory management will still be required during fights -The restock list will be persistent on log out, so it only needs to be set up once Misc: Potion of Greed now works with Dainn, Durathror, and Dvalinn as well Misc: Random tip announcements now trigger at :59 so they don't overlap with automated event announcements Bugfix: Fixed the Vote kRO Customs section of the Donation Shop not opening
  18. AKA The Trap Checklist A passing remark about a certain Whitesmith who hangs around in her underwear in Caspen drew my attention and planted the seeds for this guide. (I’m using the female pronoun here loosely ‘cause hate to break it to you kid, I’m 99.99% sure that hot chick is a dude.) But don’t worry Ms. WS, I ain’t judging, in fact I’m applauding, ‘cause who doesn’t appreciate a well put together sprite? With what feels like 80% of headgear options leaning toward the kawaii as opposed to the cool side, we’re spoiled for options when it comes to making traps… errr picking out our ensemble. And I’ve seen female sprites ranging from cute to elegant. In fact, I know a guy (no, it’s not me) who ONLY plays using female sprites. His philosophy is: I’m a guy, why would I want to look at another guy (sprite)? And it’s not like female sprite users are actually passing themselves off as real life girls. So always keep in mind, don’t judge the player by their sprite. There’s more to us than meet the eye. But if you’re really curious and gender is that important to you, here’s a checklist of what I have observed, so far: 1. She is someone’s girlfriend If she’s new to RO, then her boyfriend probably invited her… or her brother or some other male relation. (I wonder if there’s a dad somewhere out there who’s teaching his daughter to click gold porings.) If she’s a vet, she’s probably someone’s mum or wife or (again) girlfriend. Hey, this game’s been around even before some players have been born, of course vets have lives. 2. She knows her Bio Maybe it’s because of their nurturing nature? IDK but girls seem to gravitate toward this specific job, and not just for AFK farming. So if she can wipe the floor with your sorry… uhh corpse, then congratulations! You’re looking at a 20% RL girl. 3. She is a GM I’ll share my theory with you. Most (if not all) of the GM’s that last in this server are girls. Why? Probably because they have a higher tolerance for BS than guys. You gotta admit boys, we’re not the easiest crowd to get along with. (At this point, I wouldn’t even be surprised if the Admin turns out to be a girl.) 4. She is a guild leader/officer If you combine the 2 previous qualification, this is what it leads to. You guys better appreciate it. 5. She is wary of boys They’re smart. They’ve been around enough online games to know how to handle flirts, pickups and whatnot. So don’t even think about it, even if they’re all friendly. They’re just that, friendly. If she seems TOO friendly, I hate to burst your bubble Kavach, but wise up, she’s probably a trap. So there you go. The more items you tick off this list, the likelier it is that the attractive player you’re looking at is a real life girl… Well either that or she’s a very good trap. Huh, I guess I just made it harder for you. /gg
  19. LOL Senpai, if you're doing the clean up, maybe I should give this build a try: https://www.anomalyro.com/forums/topic/917-the-definite-guide-for-paladins-in-lhz_dun04/ /gg
  20. Prepped for the next update. Since feedback on this was pretty split among the people I've asked, I decided to go for a bit of a middle ground here. Instead of being able to restock any time, the command will only be usable outside of PvP/BG/WoE maps. Items will be automatically be restocked upon entering a town map (the BG waiting room counts as a "town"), so the main purpose of this will be to reduce the tedium between matches rather than during them.
  21. TTTWWW

    Contracts Guide

    easier way to earn forging materials like Oridecon Hammer instead of farming Teddy Bear @warp geffen_in 110 172
  22. Was my first time attempting to make a headgear. As you can tell, I'm not much of a spriter.
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