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  2. As of the making of this thread, the current custom mob pets (non-mvp) available for taming are: Angeling Aqua Elemental Arc Angeling Baby Leopard Cruiser Dancing Dragon Deviling Dolor of Thanatos Draco Fur Seal Hillslion Lude Rata Roween Teddy Bear Wild Rose This may take a while to implement, but from what I hear, we might get new pets eventually. So let's help the Staff Team make a list of pets players want to tame by posting them here. Please and thank you. I'll start off with my list: 1884 Mavka 1703 Lady Solace 1120 Ghostring 1090 Mastering Gold Porings (with gold bars and the glowing one, not Drops please)
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  4. Name: Zodiac Crowns/Diadems Type: Top Image:
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  6. PM - I'll offer in DC and/or items
  7. Guess you could say it's one of the many anomalies that occurs on this server from time to time.
  8. Just another random day in Anomaly. Just took breakfast and when I came back, this happened.
  9. they have a respawn timer, so someone had already killed them(probably for sleipnir quest)
  10. it happened to me when i do some contracts but when i go to the map (abyss_03) to hunt for quest ,there is no monster(acidus) only red ferrous ,,,dont know what im gonna do ...then i warp to caspen and got healed to healer,,then i warp again then boom ...there is acidus ^_^
  11. No problem! Just as an additional note, every equip that's available in the mall is also available through other NPC shops, so any time there's an item with multiple copies (slotted vs non-slotted), the mall will sell whichever one is sold via NPC rather than the one that's dropped by monsters.
  12. So the ones in the mall are the default [0]? Apparently, yes, didn't notice the item description; just got one from Katrinn. Thank you!
  13. There's actually two of each rod, which you can see on RMS - you need the ones that are 1-slotted by default for the combo (the +Int one is dropped by Bloody Knight and Katrinn). :o
  14. @Perry the Platypus, Hey Mark, so, as I have it understood, for every Survivor's Rod refine level, wearing a Survivor's Manteau is supposed to grant +1% MAtk after subtracting 5% which means that at +8 Survivor's Rod, I'm supposed to get a +3% bonus. However, as you can see, it's not granting the bonus. Addition: It's not providing the +(3*refine level)% Neutral resist.
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  16. Hello Suran! Sure thing, I'd love to talk to you if i see you online :D I understand that Yugi is Grimmy? He's always wanting to play PVP lmao
  17. Vyra

    End game EQ

    ming help me <3
  18. Hello! Welcome to the server c: Be sure to read the server rules & regulations. Feel free to PM any GM for questions or concerns (use @whogm to check for online GMs) or use @request <3 See you around. Let's talk about anime sometime! And avoid Yugi because he'll try to bait you to PVP :c
  19. Rhapsody

    End game EQ

    No problem, bro!
  20. Klavius

    End game EQ

    Thank you for this!
  21. Sup dirty! See u in game !
  22. hi KLAV...well cum to aRO!
  23. Klavius (or Klav would be nice too) You guys must have seen me AFK somewhere in Caspen and wondered who's this newbie taking my afk spot (yup it's probably me) I have been just wondering around meeting new people here in AnomalyRO Right now i think i'm already 4 weeks in and a lot of people helped me enjoy this server! So Yeah, Hello! Mad Queen Ya'll
  24. dirtysin

    Convex mirror

    also the convex mirror does not work on bounty MVPs(just sharing from my silly experience). xD
  25. nani, that means it'll never reach the server :( ? muh collections FeelsBadMan
  26. Bit of an update to this, I've added a new page to the website that may help with this: https://www.anomalyro.com/item/preview/ It won't show as many headgears at once as the wiki does (since the wiki pages display the entire shops), but it has a few advantages that address some of the points made here. 1) Allows customizing the preview character so you can see the headgears on different classes/palettes 2) Allows looking at multiple shops at once (you can select both BG and Donation, for example) 3) Allows filtering by headgear location in case you're only looking for a new mid etc 4) Allows filtering by name, so for example you can search "Blue" if you're looking for something specific 5) Shows animated previews instead of the static previews that the wiki shows, so animated headgears will be displayed properly With that being said it does have a few limitations as well. 1) Ordering isn't the same as NPCs or wiki (it's ordered by name instead of being manually sorted) 2) Probably slower than the wiki if you're not using the filters mentioned above 3) Not all headgears include their colour in the name, so searches can be a bit limited Hopefully this is helpful to some people in those situations where the limitations aren't an issue, but if you have any suggestions to improve it please feel free to let me know!
  27. While it does currently exist in the database, it wasn't released because there were some quality issues with the sprite. Also, I wasn't actually aware of who the original creator was until fairly recently; it would require permission from the original spriter (who is in fact still active) before a modified version could be released, which usually isn't granted.
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