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  3. Custom Battlegrounds modes are finally here! We've added two new modes specifically designed for 4v4 matches, both taking place on an exclusive custom map, as well as reduced the queue requirements for a couple of the default modes to make it easier to get BG started during the times that not as many people are on. :D Server Updates Update: New Battlegrounds modes have been added (wiki page has been updated with a summary of the new modes) -King of the Hill - requires 8 players to start -Flag Runner - requires 8 players to start Update: Bossnia and Team Deathmatch have been updated to only require 8 players to start Update: Battlegrounds matches will now provide an announcement at the beginning of each mode giving a brief explanation of the objectives Misc: Battlegrounds modes will now rotate every 60 seconds instead of every 120 seconds while in queue Misc: Battlegrounds queue announcements will now only occur once every 5 minutes if no one is in queue Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug that could cause unfair class distribution in some cases when an uneven number of duo queues were in the Battlegrounds queue Bugfix: Fixed a number of minor text errors in Battlegrounds
  4. Short explanation of how i run quickly, i dont want to make a proper guide yet. Gear: MVP headgear set: 3 kiels 2 vesper 1 (any), enchants magic damage holy and magic damage boss Trash mob headgear set: 3 kiels 3 HWC, enchant magic damage non boss (I put 2 kiels in my bottom hg and swapped only top and mid to use less kiels) Survivors rod and manteau (2 dustiness) 2 int belt (osiris, horong, 2 alligators) 2 valk shields: 2 tyrfing cards vs 2 alice cards 2 elite armor C (+8 ED and TGK, +6 angeling and TGK) Sleipnir with 2 FBH undead is useful for voiding dark, undead and poison damage and immunity to freeze and stone curse if any mob can use it in the instance holy is to deal with the gryphons Varetyr spear and chain lightning are the boss's most damaging skills that are wind, so dustiness for resist Medium size protection works best because of fairies waterball To kill gryphon switch to holy, alices, boss damage set and use dark, keep hand on berry due to reflect Method: Kill every mob on the quickest path to the village. Kill every mob in the village especially pillar areas, lure serpent away, boss should spawn (I was missing 1 beholder kill so i had to backtrack) Lure boss to an out-of-the-way area such as the clearing. walk 1 cell towards the path out of the clearing. Use estun at holy element and then use running. It should run you towards the direction you set before you casted estun and move you away from mobs Damage the boss using mvp damage gear. Pay close attention to the boss's casting bar. Kaupe self for 3 sec when boss does a very short spell (thats magic mirror). Before every 25% hp setup a running direction like you did at the clearing in an area you will now have to start avoiding. Heres good places for summons Run to the pillars and destroy depending on the boss text them refer to the epic paint.net to find the locations Keep finding new locations until boss dies Backtrack for chests before using the portal. Alternatively you can just look for chests if not trying to speedrun. I messed up at last pillar, i thought it was dead but it wasnt. 0 to 0:50 is showing gear, starts at 0:51
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    Contracts Guide

    OPTION 5: 3x Cloud Hermit Card (4262) → Evil Cloud Hermit :: @warp gon_dun03 3x Myst Case Card (4206) → Myst Case :: @warp xmas_dun02 3x Blazer Card (4215) → Blazer :: @warp mag_dun01 3x Mimic Card (4205) → Mimic :: @warp tha_t02 3x Rideword Card (4185) → Rideword :: @warp c_tower01
  7. Jane

    Contracts Guide

    OPTION 3: Kill 20 Rybio(1201) → @warp gl_prison Kill 25 Wander Man(1208) → @warp gl_cas02 Kill 30 Injustice(1257) → @warp gl_prison1 Kill 15 Bloody Murderer(1507) → @warp nif_fild02 Kill 3 Gremlin(1632) → @warp ra_san01
  8. Hello peoples. Ex veteran player here. Something about this forums seems familiar... hmmmm.... HMMMMM. Anyways Im still browsing for a server to play. I hope I can meet some new/old people here. I used to play RoR (Realm of Ragnarok), InertiaRO, and RebirthRo wayyyyyy back in the day. Hmu sometime I'll be on my Priest iMusic.
  9. old vyra secret meta of +10 vmant on valkyrie card rip 1/17/2020 Justin will rmb this F
  10. Hey everyone, we've got some changes to Freyja's Ascent again! Based on the feedback we received it sounds like a number of players felt that the instance was more effort than it was worth, so the rewards have been improved pretty significantly to make it more appealing to run, and we've also updated the reroll system to make it more useful for players that only want specific weapons. Overall this should make it a lot more likely that you'll get something worthwhile from the instance, so you can spend less time cursing the RNG gods while running it. We've also got a few balancing changes, primarily addressing Creators as their rework is on hold at the moment and they needed some adjustments sooner rather than later. Server Updates Update: Updated Freyja's Ascent enchantment values -Atk/MAtk range has been increased from 30-100 -> 30-125 in normal mode, 40-110 -> 50-150 in nightmare mode -Resist enchant range has been increased from 1-5% -> 3-5% in normal mode, always 5% in nightmare mode Update: Updated Freyja's Ascent loot mechanics -Completing the instance now gives double rewards once per day -Added Long Mace to the rare weapon table -Increased base rare weapon rate from 15 -> 20% for normal mode, 20% -> 25% for nightmare mode -Increased rare weapon rate party bonus from 0.5% -> 1% per party member for normal mode, 1% -> 2% for nightmare mode -Increased chest count from (4-6 + partySize/2) -> (4-5 + partySize) --In case anyone reads that wrong while skimming, this means 5-6 chests for solo runs, not 4-5 --The requirement to open a chest is now capped at 50 kills -Increased the rates for some of the rare weapons -Fixed a bug that caused rare weapon rates to be slightly lower if certain weapons weren't unlocked Update: Rerolling Freyja's Ascent weapons now includes the option to reroll to a random weapon instead of the same one Update: The base unlock time for rare weapons has been increased from 3 -> 5 days when handing in weapons for Freyja's Ascent Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug that could cause false positives with the PvP ladder's force disconnect detection Balancing Nerf: Reflected damage will no longer proc skill autocasts and autobonuses Nerf: Increased Acid Demonstration's cooldown from 175ms -> 200ms Nerf: Reduced Acid Demonstration's Vit factor from 0.7 -> 0.6
  11. Not sure if you guys still have room or not, but I’m new to the server and haven’t chatted with anyone in game yet so I figured I’d go for it lol. IGN: Ricky Name: Ricky (shocker, right?) Time Zone: GMT-5 New York, USA Job Class: SinX main, also have experience on LK and Wizard but am flexible and can build whatever class is needed. Online Time: varies day by day but my general availability is 10:00-18:00 server time on weekdays, pretty much all day weekends. Discord tag: Rusaw#4765 Haven’t really played RO seriously in probably a decade, but this server has been pretty fun and I am enjoying the customs. I love PvP and would love to play in WoE, but I don’t have a ton of experience besides a few smaller servers. I’m 30 years old and have been gaming all my life. RO holds a dear place in my heart as it was the first PC game/mmo that I ever played, and no matter how many mmos I play, I always end up coming back. Usually not for long, but as I said earlier, I really enjoy this server and I would love to have a reason to stick around, some great friends would surely be the motivation I’m looking for. Thanks for your time and consideration, I hope to hear from you soon!
  12. Where to get bloody branch? Edit: I found it.
  13. No bulli allowed, only constructive comments
  14. Been a long time, but I'll be trying to continue this now on Discord. While there isn't any planned schedule for it, I've added a dev blog channel to my guild's public Discord (http://discord.gg/Vm936WQ) where I'll try to remember to post updates on development progress from time to time, as well as answer any questions about it. Suggestions/complaints should still be kept to forums, but if you're interested in seeing/asking about what's being worked on, feel free to join. :D
  15. thank u very much for yr sacrifice & commitment to the server, that many are still able to enjoy the game... 👍
  16. I wrote a new review 😁
  17. I think it'd be best for the topic to stay focused on the potential solution(s) rather than the causes of the problem, as it'll quickly get personal/heated if fingers are being pointed. If there's other ideas it'd be great to hear them, but it'd also probably be a good idea to (either here on the forums or elsewhere) get a feel for how many people would be interested in doing draft WoEs so they can be arranged. There seem to be some very common misunderstandings when people bring some of these issues up, so I'm going to address them here. Running ads costs money. I'm already paying out of my own pocket to even keep the server up in the first place, because I want to keep it running for the players; it's making zero profit, or more accurately, a fair amount of losses at the moment, so there's no budget to be put into ads beyond the RMS ads that I'm already paying for. Right now the single most effective way to market the server would be having players post reviews on RMS (including older player reposting their reviews every 5-6 months, as they no longer count in the rankings after 6 months), but we've asked for this many times and most players refuse to step up and help with this while simultaneously complaining about the server population. Unlike a lot of servers (especially in the SHR category), we don't intend to cheat with reviews, so we're left being reliant on a playerbase that doesn't want to take 3 minutes to write a quick review and help the server move up the ranks again. GR doesn't need 20+ people to be effective (and can't even have more than 20 in the first place), it's already an effective way to farm Zeny with 8-10 people. And there's other ways to farm Zeny solo, the most accessible option being Forgotten Forest. Adding ways to consistently solo farm Zeny at the same rate as a 10+ GR party would 1) make Gold Room absolutely useless (hurts community) and 2) make Zeny absolutely worthless in the long run (the problem our old server had). In others words it'd be a short term band-aid fix with long term negative impacts on the economy, and ultimately wouldn't improve much anyway because the problem with the economy is more so lack of active players/trade in general, not a lack of Zeny income (newbies don't need nearly as much Zeny to be competitive as some may think). The current Battlegrounds modes don't in any way support less than 10 people. The exceptions to this are Team Deathmatch (as it's effectively just GvG as opposed to objective based) and, to some extent, Bossnia (3 on flag, 1 on MVP), but a lot of players don't like TDM as it is, and would quickly get tired of Bossnia if that was the only other option to play 4v4. We're working on adding custom modes designed specifically for 4v4s, at which time the required queue will be reduced to 8, but that's going to take time because aside from planning the ideas, I'm going to be the person doing 100% of the work to implement them, which will very likely include a requirement of custom maps, and when the server is losing money as mentioned above, I'm not able to work on it full time. In any case, it is something we're actively working on at the very least. I'm doing my best to work on the server and implement as many improvements as I can. I'm paying for it myself and taking the losses while effectively working 2-3 jobs at a time. It's time for the community to step up and do their part too if they want to see the server stay alive, which is what this topic should be about. RMS reviews, sitting in town to make the server look more active, helping newbies settle in by answering questions / showing them around, participating in things like draft WoEs, all of these are things that will help the server grow again if they're done consistently - and all of them are things that rely on the community stepping up.
  18. And to improve the economic/server life/population there must atleast be a semblance of WoE going on, it's a whole loop, not a one way ticket. There are BGers, WoErs and PVMers in RO. At present we can only retain two of the categories of players.
  19. WoE drops? Lol SA/NAT/THW/Silm all have unlimited number - esp when guilds where ghosting each other and not WoEing. At the end of the day, if they don't want to do it --they aren't going to do it. Maybe stop focusing so much on theorizing why they SHOULD and think of another way address the issues you've highlighted. To improve woe is to improve the economic/server life/population (first imo) You can't go backwards.
  20. Want rigid definitions? Let's read IROwiki. The War of Emperium is a game feature that allows guilds to fight in order to conquer a Castle to be the headquarters for the guild, and get benefits and special advantages. This isn't about MY definitions of WoE, it's about how it was DESIGNED to be played. It's about how it's played in all other servers. We, as a playerbase, have to get our shit together to improve the state of the server. Again, it's how the game was designed to be played. If the game mode wasn't about guilds fighting each-other to take control of castles, PVP mode would be off, the rules wouldn't involve the breaking of an emperium, and who knows what the game would actually have been about. This isn't about WoEing the way I want it to be played, it's about server health. I want to improve the score that I and others would give to WoE competition instead of giving it a 3/10. I don't review to give points for free, i do it to give an accurate picture of the server I play on. Also? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reminder, this is a review, the economical problems have been noted and explained. The focus is on improving WoE. There is not one issue but multiple, and that is "just" another issue. Notice that the "guild competition" section exists within RMS reviews. If we even had 2 guilds that actually tried to fight each other i would probably have set a 6/10 Except they leave even when we have similar numbers. We were a linker, priest and creator during one of the weeks. When 2 guilds do their best to gather all of their members and one guild almost gets twice the amount of members every week into 2 guilds, it is demoralizing, let me tell you that. That was the issue during the THW age. If they "actually don't want to WoE" they should never be trying to hold castles in the first place and put one skill point into casual guild. And besides let's speak numbers for a bit. I have been holding one castle for little over a month. Let's compare my stats to SA's stats with 9 castles in 3 months. Now there is no way to know their precise amount of woe drops, but we can evaluate. They should have at least 180 per castle, because 3 months. And they posessed 9 castles most of the time, sometimes 10, sometimes lost castles. 9 x 180 = 1620 WoE drops. We can assume the losses have been rebalanced by the higher econ on SA side. Divide this by 7 and you have 231 god items. That is enough god items for... 77 members, assuming that they each want a gear set of 3 items. In theory they should not even need more castle drops, and should not even need to keep holding the castles. So i guess it's about the ygg berries and seeds and DB boxes???
  21. Silma did this with THW. Something about numbers. How is that less valid than if SA wants to log of and not want to woe? From the outside, this looks like a lot of high horsing and downright condescending to the other guild/group of players. If they actually don't want to WoE - what use is planning draft woes? I think if they decided to take castles, mess around, get drops - that still doesn't mean they owe anyone anything.
  22. You can bring out rigid definitions but if a guild doesn't want to woe "the way you want" then it's not going to do so. Every player has the right to play the game whatever way they want. If they happened to get castles since WoE was inactive - it is what it is. Stop forcing players/groups of people to "play the game" how you want it to be played and then make them feel bad/guilt trip them for not "woe-ing" how woe is supposed to go. SA has proven many times it will do as it pleases and I suppose that is the appeal (and why many people have joined it currently and in the past). Address the actual issue and run ads to get more players into the game; change the platform of the economy so that it isn't reliant on GR of 20+; lessen the number of players required for BG matches and reduce the tickets. There are people that aren't going to play with each other - or woe the way you want. The real issue is the population and having enough people to participate in "WoE" the way you'd like while giving other players the freedom to play as they'd like.
  23. I'd be down to join draft WoEs if there are any Saturday or Sunday evening (server time) for the hell of it 🙋‍♀️ Or BG. . .
  24. The fact remains that your guild stops showing up and downright logs off whenever we start logging on to fight. The moment SA found itself with more than half castles, it has become a WoE guild. It is an organization of enough members to be able to wipe out single player guilds to secure castles for itself. It is no longer a troll guild no matter how much you wish it still was. As helpful as it may be for newbies gear up to have castles for free, it is definitely not the way WoE is supposed to go, the server is missing one of it's dimensions and it's the WoE scene.
  25. Uh just to make it clear A few people seems to have the wrong impression of Sleeping Animals. SA is meant to be a troll guild, not competitive which is why the members are free to use whatever classes they want. We do not force them to use different classes to GvG's advantage. We only came back to be active months ago just to help newbies up on drops . We don't mind losing actually. Few of the members here whom joined are actually PvPers just going for kills. In fact, I actually miss the time when SA were so small it slipped through 2 main guilds' defense line for fun despite losing. In the end, regarding guilds. It all depends on the vision of the particular guilds. Whether they want to WoE or not, it depends on their own decision. If someone is dissatisfy with the current WoE situation, perhaps that someone could form his own guild to encourage more people to join? After all, what we actually need to do now is reach out to the newbies to ensure they enjoy their stay and not get bored from the server to increase the population. If any SA members decide to go competitive, they are free to move to a competitive guild btw. O/ hashire sori yo kaze no you ni tsukimihara wo PADORU PADORU
  26. @TTTWWW its ok, i knew this day would come somehow finally... thanks! @Perry the Platypus
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