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  4. Hi! I do appreciate the idea, though I've always been somewhat hesitant to tie updates to specific/public income goals; it feels a little exploitative (maybe I'm a bit cynical due to how most other servers and game companies are :P), and I've always felt that better content comes from the times that I'm more naturally able/motivated to work on it anyway. The other issue is my health can be inconsistent at times, making it difficult to commit to specific types of updates/deadlines. That being said, right now I do need to prioritize other parts of my life (specifically my health and future career) regardless of the server income, so I haven't had as much freedom to work on updates. I am actually interested in working on another instance at some point, which would include a new MVP of course, but I haven't had the time to try to plan everything, plus the issue of having to design and create a very large map for it. The map for Freyja's Ascent took a long time to make, and that's a fairly simplistic map compared to a lot of the ideas I've had for new instances, so anything more complicated would likely be a pretty massive undertaking and I'm not entirely sure how well I'd be able to pull it off with my limited experience in map making. The other difficulty is deciding what could be used for rewards in a new instance, since I'm guessing people wouldn't be very happy with it reusing the Freyja's reward system - if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them, though of course it could be quite a while before they can actually be implemented. In any case, right now my main goal is just keeping the server up as long as possible. The community has been growing again lately with GR/BG going quite regularly, which has been great to see, so the longer I can keep the server around for the players, the better. :D As long as the server income is enough to cover the costs of running it, the server can stay up; any further updates will come when I have both the time and the energy to do so. Well, that or whenever I lose enough sanity to open BrowEdit and try to make a new map again.
  5. Give away over will post video
  6. ALL GAMES ARE NOW TAX FREE! Pm me on below characters if you have any questions. "Papa Zeny" "Papa Dice" Congrats o the big winner below :) Please note Papa's L9 has now been replaced with Papa's One Roll it's the same concept as L9 but due to high demand and to shorten the length of the game we will be only doing 1 roll from now on. Papa's Even/Odd You pick either Even or Odd(Please see below). This is played with multiple people ONLY Papa will then roll /dice. If you win you'll get 2x your bet amount. 5% tax. NOW TAX FREE! Even: 2, 4, & 6 Odd: 1, 3, & 5 Papa's One Roll Papa and you will roll dice once . The highest score possible is 6 and you want to roll as close to 6. if it's a tie Papa wins by default. 5% tax. NOW TAX FREE! Example: 1 vs 6 = 6 wins 2 vs 3 = 3 wins 1 vs 1 = tie papa win by default Papa's Favorite Number You will pick a number between 1 ~ 6. If you picked the right number you will win 4x that amount. 5% tax. NOW TAX FREE! Example: Bet 100DC= 400DC Bet 200DC = 800DC Bet 300DC = 1,200DC
  7. Hi Perry, I know you are been super busy with real life and with work. What if as aRO community we do like a donation goal i.e $100 in donation = new headgear $500 in donation = new mvp $1000 in donation = new instance something like that let me know what you think! Thanks! Papa Dice
  8. There's a separate repeatable quest now at Rachel 109 134; just a simple item fetch quest, trade in a small set of items (and 5 Silver Coins) to get 4 Freezing Snow Powder.
  9. Sorry for bumping a very old post but what was the resolution of this? is the Ktullanux quest now repeatable or?
  10. Hi everyone! It's about time for our summer donation promo! :D All payments received between July 16, 00:00 - July 19, 23:59 will receive a 50% bonus in Donation Credits. This is calculated separately from the bulk purchase bonuses, so for example a payment of $25 will give you 2500 + 1250 + 250 = 4000 total Donation Credits. The amount will also be listed on the donation page before you confirm the amount. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!
  11. Unfortunately adding new custom bosses would be quite a bit beyond the scope of what I'm able to work on at the moment; server development is still officially on hold, so I'm only able to occasionally work on smaller updates for now, and custom MVPs require a huge amount of work to implement. That being said, any new custom MVPs would likely be part of a larger instance (similar to PKC or Freyja's) if they were to be added, as opposed to being added to LHZ4. As for the weapons, the old Combat Knife will never be added back in - it was nerfed for a reason (the old effect is extremely abusable by a few specific classes), so adding it back in would cause a lot of balance issues. You can get an enchanted version of it from Freyja's Ascent though, if you hand in an unenchanted Combat Knife first to unlock it. It's quite rare of course, but depending on your luck with drops, you can end up with a Combat Knife that has an additional 5% Neutral resist, for example, which synergizes quite well with its new role as a weapon for tankier builds.
  12. HI can i make a suggestion, PLease add new boss LHZ 4 boss mvp that required a whole party to kill. U can make the difficulty much harder and needing a party and quest. Drops can be enchanted weapons like bringing back the old combat knife, items that can be enchated like enchanted TSOD, or something. Thank you. So that there is something new to do in the server thankss.
  13. meandyou

    S / T > DC = MC

    Do u sell god items for MC?
  14. Ravin

    S / T > DC = MC

    S / T > DC = MC
  15. They still have a 10s duration; you can see the actual changes on the balancing page. The actual speed boost is lowered, and it can be dispelled, but it's still superior to a badge. It being harder to get is intentional though, as having players use badges instead is generally preferred.
  16. speed pots nerfed 3 sec durations i think you can buy 1 at most at a time now. no charge per encounter at spot 1 and 2, takes 120k per speed pots. better go for autho badge now.
  17. I'm not sure which class you're playing, but using this example, the weapon would need to at least triple your DPS to have made any difference here. MVP goes to whoever deals the most damage so, outside of a few specific circumstances, you need to deal at least 50% of the damage to get the drops. Unfortunately tripling DPS is far beyond what bloody weapons were designed to do; most of them don't actually increase DPS very much (they're only 2-slotted), leaning more towards adding utility/survivability like resistance to Boss monsters, knockback immunity, etc. Of course as I mentioned I'm not necessarily against changes that would make another class or two viable as MVP killers, the issue is just that it's far beyond the scope of bloody weapons.
  18. i dont really wanna compete with them,, i just want to know that i can secure the MVP before some sniper or linker come and deal some ridiculous amount of dmg and kill stealing it,... (happened to me before, i was like 3-5mins ahead of a specific MVP and i only manage to drop it to like 80+% hp and a sniper came and just dealt 400k+ dmg in a single skill and insta killed it in seconds)
  19. There aren't currently any plans to add other bloody weapons, though their effects likely wouldn't be big enough to make other classes viable even if they were added. It's worth noting that Soul Linker and Champion can kill quite a few MVPs a lot faster than Snipers, so while Snipers do well against some specific MVPs (ones where Gloom or Ktullanux are applicable being a notable example), they're not the top class for all of them. Professor can also be used to some success, though they're quite a bit more expensive to gear for it, and I think they're outclassed by Soul Linkers in every case. Bloody Blade can of course be used as well, though the main class it applies to (Assassin Cross, dual wielding) unfortunately still lags behind the top MVP classes as far as I know - pretty easy to gear for it though, at least. Other classes really don't have enough in their kits to compete in MVPing. A custom weapon that gives them a 20-30% DPS boost wouldn't be enough to change that, which means it would require a lot more than just adding the weapons; either they'd need some pretty heavy adjustments to their skills to improve their DPS, or a number of other custom items would be needed to make up the rest of the difference. Both of these would be much larger updates, whereas the Bloody weapons were meant for more minor adjustments. That's not to say I wouldn't be open to making changes to the current MVPing meta, just that the scope of that would be a lot larger than just the weapons. With development currently being on hold, that unfortunately means larger updates like this would likely be postponed until I'm able to work more consistently on the server again.
  20. is there any plan to make bloody weapon of all weapon type? (guitar,whip,book,knife,spear,.....shield maybe?) i just feel like that sniper is heavily favored in MVP, and for others like myself (mainly a pvm player) that doesn't like playing sniper would really appreciate if we can play our class of choice to MVP. thank you
  21. Answered this in the chat box as well but just to have it on record here, and to explain it in a bit more detail, 3v3 unfortunately wouldn't work for Battlegrounds. The only mode that would properly support it is Team Deathmatch, but a lot of players don't like TDM, which would discourage them from even joining the queue at all if it was the only mode available below 8 players. All of the other BG modes would effectively just become party PvP with no real focus on objectives (essentially becoming TDM), or a set of 1v1 PvP fights (Stone Control or CTF, for example), neither of which is what BG is supposed to be. Previously the minimum required player count was 10 because even 4v4 doesn't work in most BG modes (that's why some of the modes still won't start without it being a 5v5). To get around that I made our own custom Battlegrounds map (the one used for Flag Runner and King of the Hill), specifically with a couple custom 4v4 modes in mind. While I do understand your concern about BG armor accessibility, 4v4 is really the smallest we can go without making it something that isn't really Battlegrounds anymore. That being said, depending on timing I can sometimes be messaged on Discord if you're trying to get a queue started; my sleeping schedule is a bit unusual (I have a sleeping disorder so I'm awake at different times every day), but if I'm on my computer at the time I can usually hop on for at least a few matches. Aside from that though, the only thing that can really be done is to try to get the server growing again. Writing a good review on RMS every 6 months or so (reviews only affect a server's score for 6 months, so they need to be reposted after that) gives us some extra exposure to new players, and sitting around in town even if you're afk will show newbies that we have a playerbase (seeing lots of afk people is better than seeing nobody at all). Of course if you happen to see a newbie walking around while you're sitting in town, offering to help by answering questions can go a long way in convincing them to stay as well, which ultimately means more people for BG once they get at least somewhat geared up for it (which is a lot easier now with the last update adding a few free F.Forest cards for newbies). By the way, if you're not already in the Poring Burgers Discord, you (and anyone else interested in running BG) can join it - there's a channel in it for trying to get BG started, so you can send out a quick ping to the BG role when you're starting a queue to reach people that may be available but not in-game at the time.
  22. Shadow X

    BG 3 vs 3

    Hi, I just want to raise a concern regarding battle grounds. Since we have so little players in the server, newbies who join could not avail BG armors because of the lack of people to start BG. I suggest to make BG 3 vs 3 at least to help newbies and old players enjoy the server. Thank you
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