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    • Even with no cart for my sniper/ hw, i still managed to earn fashionista. having multiple guild access really do the trick like rozzy mentioned.  and I remember Perry once said he loves to make people suffer (courtesy of his broken keyboard), so....................................... hehe      
    • -1 I don't see the necessity of having a cart ring. I myself was a farmer as a High Wizard and I didn't really have much problems from looting every stuffs be it from @autoloot or @alootid. Especially given you can choose to autoloot all etc items / usable items and ignore the equipment drops. And yes, I do not want to turn my storage into eyesore which is why I have 3-4 different guild to access different @gstorage and keep things neat. For the gold room, it doesn't really take that much time to exchange gold either ( You can store 60k in @storage + @gstorage ) and another 12~16k in your inventory.  
    • Dear Perry, by all means, please disable it in WOE/BG/PvP maps. Thank you for giving this old thread attention.   As for the player base.... Senpais, please notice me too. I understand most of you are geared and have no use for farming, other than the occasional GR. I wouldn't be surprised if you're all Grandmasters. I know there aren't many newbies who aspire to bag all of the Achievements right now, but please try to look at this from a perspective that REQUIRES farming equipment specifically quest items. NOT just for GR There might be a Biochemist or even a White Smith who actively farm for gear (barring AFK farming, I've never seen one, but maybe there is) however we all know that the most efficient farmers are the High Wizards and the Snipers. And giving them a cart will go a long way in making the farming life a lot easier. As for keeping the cart unique to the merchant class, I don't really know... I mean you can disable the skill that goes with that allows players to change how it looks or something, but for me, it's purely a spartan switch. Because for quest gear items, farmers will autoloot the ID and just go ahead with finishing the quest, without identifying the specific item/s.   To the people who have read this far, here's an aRO fanfic to amuse you as my thanks:  
    • that will make WS / creator wearing job suit less unique.  
    • I don't really feel like it's necessary. My sniper can carry 2 MCs worth of gold while gold farming - something more appropriate to look at in concerns to the gold room specifically would be gold -> coins directly from storage, as that's been an idea being passed around by a bunch of players lately. But giving carts to Snipers just feels like a poor use of time, really. I'm quite fine with the way it is right now.

      That being said, my method of exchanging is pretty unconventional, since I just hold the desired amount, run out of the room and exchange it and go back in right away rather than sit outside for 2 or 3 minutes pulling out everything. Granted, if I had the ability to exchange ALL of the gold immediately regardless of where it was, I might consider wanting more places to jam pack as much of it as possible - but since that currently isn't the case, I don't really see a need to give players more places to store gold which would ultimately result in more time spent outside of the room rather than in it.