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    • Applications are now closed - our newest GM is Kirari, and Suran will also be (re)-joining the team next month once she's available! Please be sure to welcome them to the team and/or harass them with questions if you see them around.   Thank you to everyone that applied! We'll post a new topic when we're looking to hire new GMs again. <3
    • but maybe because im not a person that plays alot of wiz/prof, i guess im fine without playing with GRF anyway @[email protected] 
      im almost always a player that just walks up to ppl and smash their faces or stand at a far place shooting my bullets in, great stuffs though
    • I used to feel the exact same way. The main reason I use it nowadays is so I can see which walls I can use skills over which sometimes is not very clear otherwise. The same can be said for walk-able areas. I would often find myself walking and bumping into things that seem like you should be able to walk over like little rocky edges and whatnot. That said, I've left most of the maps in-game untouched besides WoE/Battlegrounds maps and a few others because I do enjoy experiencing RO for what it is.

      I highly recommend using greymaps though. It takes some getting used to as you no longer have landmarks to recognize which direction you need to go, but once you have the maps memorized just by the shape of things, it helps tremendously with skill placements and navigating your character into nooks and crannies and behind what would otherwise be annoying landmarks such as stone columns, trees, and high walls etc.
    • It speeds up a lot of shit, too. For some reason, RO is horrible at managing its resources for things like 3D rendered trees or landmarks, so by removing them you speed up the game by a considerable amount on some machines

      Regardless, it's not really necessary for that reason, though I would personally use it on maps with a ton of trees just so I can see where my enemies are. (Think of gefenia maps)
    • im amazed at how ppl could play without even any background i mean tiles are nice to understand skill aoe and such but it feels, weird