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    • Are you on budget build? I can add a budget GS guide to the Budget Woe Guides.
    • Went and found my previous view on flag in and it still applies to this now. If you notice the 1.0 WoEs players are more cautious now. As a defender in 1.0 WoE your life means something since if you die you have to wait before you can flag in or walk it and be on the other side of the guild. In 2.0 you can mindlessly run it into the other guild because you have a free respawn flag in with no delay. Just hotkey warp to castle, walk in, take a couple of steps,flag to emp, flag to spot in castle and be back before the enemy guild can even push to the cade. An experienced player can do it in no time at all and be back before the initial fight even starts. Its more rewarding to just charge the cade rather than fight and kill the same people several times before you can make it. I like the idea tommy just think this post needs some more feedback which is hard to come by these days.
    • I'm going to bump this and mention that we need the opinions of every party involved. Everyone wishing for a better experience in WoE should come discuss this, wether you are for or against changing the way flags work in WoE 2.0. It is quite possible for me to miss certain points, and if i did miss a point, then we have to revise this idea.