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    • Ah, we could look at maybe including some of the rarer ET drops in future instances then. :o You may also want to look at Forgotten Forest (f_forest) as an alternative for farming Zeny when there aren't any Gold Room parties available, the Treasure Box drops are pretty decent for solo farming.   For Dead Branches we're thinking about setting up a second map for in a later update, though the rate of farming would be about the same; the main purpose would just be so players don't have to stare at the same map every time since they'll be able to switch between the two. =P And for MVPs, there'll be some good MVPs in the instance that we're currently working on a custom map for, so that should make some of the MVPs a bit more accessible to newbies, especially a few of the more important ones that are often camped the most by older players.
    • Ah okay, well we do ET runs and have been farming DBs as a way to help them gear up for MVPs. (These are great since they aren't necessarily party related like BG or GR - this helps since we can go as a small party and still reap the benefits). 
    • Unfortunately I think this would go against one of the core aspects of the server (drawing from low/mid rate elements), especially since all of our quests have been timed specifically for our current drop rates. Having said that, you mentioned more intensive/tedious farming sessions - was there a specific item or set of items that you were thinking of there? We could possibly look at including related monsters (or adding the drops to custom monsters) in future instances and other content to at least make certain items more available to players, even if they aren't necessarily easier/faster to get.
    • More hints have been posted!   Please locate the last 2 crystals by August 19th or this forum will close with no winners for those crystals!   Same rules still apply.