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    • Hi everyone! Just a small update today so no server restart required. :D We've got all the Christmas quests ready in this update, as well as some quick quality of life improvements to the headgear enchantments system.   Server Updates   Update: Christmas headgear quests have been added and will be available from December 20, 00:00 to December 29, 23:59 Update: Santa Suit quest has been added and will be available from December 20, 00:00 to December 29, 23:59
      Update: Maia the Enchantress now has an option to retry an enchantment so you don't need to go through the whole menu each time
      Update: Adjusted headgear enchantment rate calculation for enchant types with value steps other than 1 (currently only the Atk and weight limit enchants) so they don't have a disproportionately low chance for a perfect roll
      Update: Changed the increased weight limit enchantment's value step from 10 -> 50 to normalize the rates a bit
    • WOW...another josh??? o.O
    • Hey Josh! Thanks for applying! Totally fine to be an introvert, personally I am introvert in real life but an extrovert online lool. Ooh a High Priest... did I just found a suitable replacement for my High Priest? (hehe). Well, your application has been accepted and welcome to the guild! Don't forget to make a discord account if you haven't already
    • Name or nickname: Queen Enchantress Tell us about yourself: I'm Queen Enchantress, I'm a little bit introvert but I join group chat I'm more a listener than a talker. My real name is Josh :) Class or classes you want to play: My main character's is High Wizard, I can play High Priest and Biochemist too. Are you willing to fill for classes needed: Absolutely! How active are you: Depends on my work schedule :) Time zone:  Time zone in Edmonton, AB (GMT-7)
    • hi @Sakuretsu... may i know the stats for this GS build please? 🙏