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    • Custom Battlegrounds modes are finally here! We've added two new modes specifically designed for 4v4 matches, both taking place on an exclusive custom map, as well as reduced the queue requirements for a couple of the default modes to make it easier to get BG started during the times that not as many people are on. :D   Server Updates   Update: New Battlegrounds modes have been added (wiki page has been updated with a summary of the new modes)
      -King of the Hill - requires 8 players to start
      -Flag Runner - requires 8 players to start
      Update: Bossnia and Team Deathmatch have been updated to only require 8 players to start
      Update: Battlegrounds matches will now provide an announcement at the beginning of each mode giving a brief explanation of the objectives
      Misc: Battlegrounds modes will now rotate every 60 seconds instead of every 120 seconds while in queue
      Misc: Battlegrounds queue announcements will now only occur once every 5 minutes if no one is in queue
      Bugfix: Fixed a rare bug that could cause unfair class distribution in some cases when an uneven number of duo queues were in the Battlegrounds queue
      Bugfix: Fixed a number of minor text errors in Battlegrounds
    • Short explanation of how i run quickly, i dont want to make a proper guide yet.


      MVP headgear set: 3 kiels 2 vesper 1 (any), enchants magic damage holy and magic damage boss Trash mob headgear set: 3 kiels 3 HWC, enchant magic damage non boss

      (I put 2 kiels in my bottom hg and swapped only top and mid to use less kiels)

      Survivors rod and manteau (2 dustiness)
      2 int belt (osiris, horong, 2 alligators)
      2 valk shields: 2 tyrfing cards vs 2 alice cards
      2 elite armor C (+8 ED and TGK, +6 angeling and TGK)
      Sleipnir with 2 FBH
        undead is useful for voiding dark, undead and poison damage and immunity to freeze and stone curse if any mob can use it in the instance holy is to deal with the gryphons   Varetyr spear and chain lightning are the boss's most damaging skills that are wind, so dustiness for resist   Medium size protection works best because of fairies waterball

      To kill gryphon switch to holy, alices, boss damage set and use dark, keep hand on berry due to reflect
      Method:   Kill every mob on the quickest path to the village. Kill every mob in the village especially pillar areas, lure serpent away, boss should spawn (I was missing 1 beholder kill so i had to backtrack) Lure boss to an out-of-the-way area such as the clearing. walk 1 cell towards the path out of the clearing. Use estun at holy element and then use running. It should run you towards the direction you set before you casted estun and move you away from mobs Damage the boss using mvp damage gear. Pay close attention to the boss's casting bar. Kaupe self for 3 sec when boss does a very short spell (thats magic mirror). Before every 25% hp setup a running direction like you did at the clearing in an area you will now have to start avoiding. Heres good places for summons
      Run to the pillars and destroy depending on the boss text them refer to the epic paint.net to find the locations
      Keep finding new locations until boss dies Backtrack for chests before using the portal.
      Alternatively you can just look for chests if not trying to speedrun.

        I messed up at last pillar, i thought it was dead but it wasnt. 0 to 0:50 is showing gear, starts at 0:51
    • OPTION 5: 3x Cloud Hermit Card (4262) → Evil Cloud Hermit :: @warp gon_dun03 3x Myst Case Card (4206) → Myst Case :: @warp xmas_dun02 3x Blazer Card (4215) → Blazer :: @warp mag_dun01 3x Mimic Card (4205) → Mimic  :: @warp tha_t02 3x Rideword Card (4185) → Rideword :: @warp c_tower01
    • OPTION 3: Kill 20 Rybio(1201) →  @warp gl_prison Kill 25 Wander Man(1208) → @warp gl_cas02 Kill 30 Injustice(1257)  → @warp gl_prison1 Kill 15 Bloody Murderer(1507) → @warp nif_fild02 Kill 3 Gremlin(1632) →  @warp ra_san01
    • Hello peoples. Ex veteran player here. Something about this forums seems familiar... hmmmm.... HMMMMM. Anyways Im still browsing for a server to play. I hope I can meet some new/old people here. I used to play RoR (Realm of Ragnarok), InertiaRO, and RebirthRo wayyyyyy back in the day. Hmu sometime I'll be on my Priest iMusic.